Monday, August 20, 2012


Princess Chelsea - The Cigarette
Lana Del Rey - Blue
Boney M.- "Daddy Cool".youtube. watch this guy groove XD
Darius -
IMAGINATION - Music And Lights (1982) I love this one
ERUPTION - Go Johnnie go. youtube
Dolly Dots - She´s a Liar. youtube.  their dance!
Teach In - Dear
Teron Beal - New
Peaches- 'Diddle'.youtube.
Ladytron-blue jeans. youtube.
Chromatics -
Midnight Star - No Parking (On the Dance Floor). youtube.  "Excuse me madam, your standing still in a no parking zone. If you don't get a' move on that body, I'll be forced to give you a ticket!"
Air - Sexy Boy .youtube
Glass Candy - Johnny Are You Queer? .youtube.
Acid Girls -
SILENT CIRCLE - Love Is Just A Word .youtube.
2 Unlimited - No Limit .youtube.
Delegation -

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