Sunday, September 30, 2012

the package

A dream from last night, I had gotten a package from someone who I hadn't talked to in awhile. It was sitting on my bed, I picked it up and examined it. Only the label across the top was holding it shut. I thought it strange that it held during the shipping process, so I pulled it open. Inside the box it was stuffed with smaller boxes. I opened the first box, it was my Lisa Frank stamp collection which i didn't remember giving away but, I was glad to see back in my hands. I set it aside, and went to look inside the package and opened the next small box which was filled with long legged, rubbery multicolored ponies. Their hair was raggedy, I laid them out on the bed in a line, there were duplicates and some were worse off than others. I sat there admiring them for a bit. The ponies were colored teal, pink with yellow polka dots, ugly tan, and violet. I went back to the box and found a hand written letter, on yellow lined paper with blue ink it was ripped into a triangle, so i couldn't read everything. The letter read, "superboy will belong to draft and he rejects it and fights against it." and then something about "you're crazy jerk I'm glad we don't talk anymore."
Then the alarm clock went off.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


in my dream i remember seeing up close shots of blue baby faces, they were glowing blue and as I was seeing these pictures. I remember thinking this is a cool shot and remembering the shapes. While a voice was saying, "In the future, there will be a disease that kills off 2/3rds of the population and only those were immune are able survive." Then the dream shifted to where i was searching an old run down store, it was the end of the world and i was looking for paper. Seeing the aftermath of looting and people ravaging the store.

Then I was up at my cabin, a place I've been in about a year, it was emptied and I found a secret underground passage that lead from our cabin to the neighbors cabin. It was small and  narrow, painted dark red, i had to crawl through it, when I reached the end, i had no idea were i was, and it took me awhile to figure out where I was at the neighbor's cabin. Then I looked down over the grassy hill at the our cabin, in the backyard there was 6 copy machines sitting outside and anyone could walk up to them and use them. I started thinking if they had been validated or if anyone ever used them. I stepped out the door and ran down the hill then i woke up

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


hand in hand

sultry head, sicken by routine
poking into skin, hum of white nose
drifts ear to nostrils
sinking body, breaking down
tender, curved, aching

good stuff to read

Vibe Comic Good Online comic, love the art and colors. Good read :D

Mini Comic Blog couple of short stories by different artists, very enjoyable

 I went Zinefest in Minneapolis and picked up some zines, out of all them i thought this one was my favorite by Anna Bongiovanni, I really like the concept and simple drawings.
Good history comic take off, with heavy inks.
by Noah Van Sciver
 by Oakley Tapola                                    

 Flat Mountain Chronicle Vol. 1 by trevor grabill was also pretty good, I enjoyed how abstract the stories were together but it made sense. very surreal cool.

I will say Blood of the Imbeciles was a a very strange read,
story was all over the place but i like how they took the time to screen print the cover, by brett von schlosser.

by aaron poliwoda

Edited by Oakley Tapola & Sarah Ann
with works by various artists. Lots of great poetry
and stories in this one.
Melissa Mendes
All and all not enough money to get them all :D


Saturday, September 8, 2012

got the look

It isn't me,
Stung by a bee searching for purpose.
World packed with self grubbing souls, licking scabs no different.
Hiding under sheep's wool, preying on emotions, never satisfied with love.
Missing from reality, there is no touch.
Too many toys throw them aside.
Cutting plastic, dolls with dreams
Pop off their heads, feed on admiration of the blind.
Boxed in fool, I can't eat your trash.