Tuesday, September 25, 2012

good stuff to read

Vibe Comic Good Online comic, love the art and colors. Good read :D

Mini Comic Blog couple of short stories by different artists, very enjoyable

 I went Zinefest in Minneapolis and picked up some zines, out of all them i thought this one was my favorite by Anna Bongiovanni, I really like the concept and simple drawings.
Good history comic take off, with heavy inks.
by Noah Van Sciver

 by Oakley Tapola                                    

 Flat Mountain Chronicle Vol. 1 by trevor grabill was also pretty good, I enjoyed how abstract the stories were together but it made sense. very surreal cool.

I will say Blood of the Imbeciles was a a very strange read,
story was all over the place but i like how they took the time to screen print the cover, by brett von schlosser.

by aaron poliwoda

Edited by Oakley Tapola & Sarah Ann
with works by various artists. Lots of great poetry
and stories in this one.
Melissa Mendes
All and all not enough money to get them all :D


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