Tuesday, October 30, 2012

good online comics

some online comics i've read recently that I thought were very good!
Thought i'd share in no particular order...

unique story, enjoyable setting and characters

Four Tales
great horror, cross hatching is wonderful

Perfect Stars
Odd and quirky, interesting style, lovely colors

SUPER detailed and stunning! precise story

Monday, October 29, 2012

Red Fang

my 24 hr comic O_o i decided to color the cover the rest of the pages are b/w i'll post more when i letter them,  i'm kinda slow about uploading it's a simple comic i wanted to make a wolf comic based on my love of wolves

the sky is falling

Up against the favored thrown aside with the abnorm
Dare to speak against the winner
Covered with labels, not even human
Something lost is inherited, always a loser
Planting the seed of evil, crucified by the twisted,
There is no society.

Hit by stones of hatred
Daisy killing peace advocates
Fooled by lies, survival of the fittest, spiraling further and faster
Time ages all, where do the seasons go
Expect no more, from the unchanged
There is no key, to the self locked cage

Monday, October 15, 2012

24 hr comic day comic up anyone else going to do it? i'm so going to do it altho i wont do it in a FULL 24 hour sitting cause i have to work...booo but i don't know what to draw this time. I feel like last time i went really crazy with the collage comic, but i want to bring it back in this time. I'm thinking i kinda want a male main character, something sci fi, of futuristic, maybe i'll do something with those roller disco kids...>_> i'd love to draw a comic with some muscle cars. Altho in reality drawing cars not so fun. mine always look to rounded and cute or something. I thought about some sort of anti hero. Maybe something with fortune tellers and tarot cards those things are cool. detective stuff is good >_< monsters like i'm talking giant spiders and bugs.  maybe some evil nymphs!! mulling it over .. maybe illustrate some dreams *rubs beard* HmmmMMm!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Dualmask's NIA BLACK                          

watching fractured fairy tales and doodling

A interesting German comic, the illustrations carry the story very well, cause i can get the gest of what's going on without being able to understand German.