Monday, October 15, 2012

24 hr comic day comic up anyone else going to do it? i'm so going to do it altho i wont do it in a FULL 24 hour sitting cause i have to work...booo but i don't know what to draw this time. I feel like last time i went really crazy with the collage comic, but i want to bring it back in this time. I'm thinking i kinda want a male main character, something sci fi, of futuristic, maybe i'll do something with those roller disco kids...>_> i'd love to draw a comic with some muscle cars. Altho in reality drawing cars not so fun. mine always look to rounded and cute or something. I thought about some sort of anti hero. Maybe something with fortune tellers and tarot cards those things are cool. detective stuff is good >_< monsters like i'm talking giant spiders and bugs.  maybe some evil nymphs!! mulling it over .. maybe illustrate some dreams *rubs beard* HmmmMMm!!

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