Friday, November 23, 2012

hotel california

I had a dream, I left the state and just drove with barley anything packed. I stopped at this hotel, with an outdoor pool, and checked in to the hotel and decided to go for a swim. I was wearing my rainbow gradient with black cheetah print swim suit, I was swimming and enjoying myself when I meet this guy in the pool who was drunk, and he tried grabbing my swim suit bottoms and pulling at them to look in them. I pushed him back with my palm angry, and he then he hit me back pushing me under the water, I was shorter than him, he had longer hair, sandy brown. i panicked cause i was in the deep water I thought how was i going to get out of this? is he going to kill me? I don't know this person? and while he was pushing me under, I decided I would hit him from underneath the water I sprung up and pushed him under he was sloppy drunk, but I didn't want to kill him so I let up and swam to the edge of the pool and jumped out as fast as I could.

 He caught up to me, we were in the bar, in front of a group of older men playing cards they all laughed at us watching us fight, thinking we were boyfriend/girlfriend, he tried to wrap his arms around me drunkenly apologetic but I was angry by now.  I grabbed him by his arms and held them behind his back and pushed him out the door as hard as I could, then I ran!!!!!!!! as fast as possible up the stairs back to my hotel room but for some reason the first time I went to my hotel room it was easy to find my room, but this time everything had changed, and I didn't have my key! It was a little gold key, but I had left it in my jacket by the pool. So I ran on through these long corridors, when suddenly I heard pounding noises like someone was following me. So I tried to loose them by changing my direction, running down these stairs, and to the end of that hall i found another stairs, that lead in two different directions right or left, first i went right then left. I just keep running around, the walls were fully tiled, with this creme and green pattern.. I started to get worried was I going to get lost! I just kept thinking what if he found me, i'd be in trouble, so just i kept running around till i found a entrance to to the pool again.

I grabbed my jacket and ran to the host stand. I was out of breath now, and i demanded that the hostess escort me to my door. Then she asked me what was my room number?, and she didn't know where my room H10 was so she had to ask her co worker if she could do it, and her coworker was irritable, tired from work, and I was scared, she seemed younger than me, and had red curly hair. they had lost my key, so we all looked around a bunch, in mean time i had put some of my clothes i had like a tan suit, so i put the skirt on and had the jacket on, but i had no shirt just the swim top, and these two older business men were waiting in line behind me, we were looking for the room key, I was so angry, I said to myself I wish i was a man, and then finally we found the key! but the girl that was going to escort me had  already left without me, and when i finally found the key, i chased after her, and when I got to the top of the stairs. She was on her hands a knees paint drop sheets were on the ground, and she was doing construction work? I was confused cause the hallway look different again...and i just wanted to get to my room and get out of here!! I woke heart was beating quickly

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