Thursday, December 20, 2012

dancing with the devil

I can't remember the whole dream now, lately I've been getting up in the middle of the night, and wake up from having dreams and remember them at the time but I'm too lazy to write them down and by the morning they disintegrate into something that becomes hard to remember.  The image last night was a golden room with red stripes, it was a masquerade party, people were in these elaborate masks and gowns. It was the devil's party, the devil was tall, red fur, goat like hooves, long horns that protruded upward from the skull. The mask the devil wore was so elaborate you couldn't see the face.

Another night, I dreamt i had a baby. I will say this was my first dream i can remember about having a kid. I was living back at my dad's apartment building which he sold years ago, and someone had restored it to the Victorian house which it use to be. I was alone with my sister, my dad had left to go pick up a load of stuff. I remember i was only wearing my pj's dress sitting outside on the front lawn. I held the baby with my dress, It was hot that day i could feel the sweat but i didn't want to be inside. I sat there on a small hill that overs looks the sidewalk across the street stands a freeway sound wall. a man started walking by and then he walks up the hill toward me and i got spooked so i rant into the porch, when i dropped my baby on the porch hard wood floor, it was dirty, when i picked the baby up i brushed the sand off it's skin. I was so worried that i had really hurt the baby, would it be mentally messed up now? I tried to reconcile with myself that it wasn't that far and the baby didn't seem to be all that upset, so i went to the kitchen to tenderly wash the baby. But then all of a sudden the baby had this immense strength and tried to pull away from me into the water, and there was still dishes in the sink and i didn't want the baby to hurt itself on a fork so i had to pull back.

A couple nights later I had another dream with a child who wasn't mine, he was about 5-6 and i remember he was a evil little kid, who i was trying to protect, i remember holding him with each one of his legs strapped over my hip and i supported him by his bottom against my side.

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  1. its actually really interesting thoughts..i rarely remember my dreams in any case !!!