Friday, January 25, 2013


galaxy weight on my shoulder
crushing bones into dust
wasted lonleiness give me into my prison
eat the words from my guts
spewed forced full of hate
cleanse my soul
every devil is a god
can't decide,obstruct
walking squares turning 90 degrees
worship, destroy, rebuild
angles of voices, filled with rain
worship, destroy, rebuild
pasts forgotten can't learn
fall in so deep, twirling spindle.
Only for a second
worship, destroy, rebuild
again and again

Restless and young
foolish and strong
weathered and rough
smooth and sharp
brittle and weak
just begun.

darling, come back
mark for every mistake

Friday, January 18, 2013


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3 !!!!
I'm going to go visit we these two doggies!!!!!!!! I hope i click with one of them!!!
Jaqueline the Beagle

Martin the Beagle

:) beagles my favorite dog since i was very little girl, altho later in life i'd like to have a huskey but start with a beagle since they are smaller. If i get the male i'm going to rename him mr. putt, but i like the female shes so cute, I'd probably rename her too but i'm not sure, I gotta see what their personalities are like!

after drive around all day
X3 when i went to check up both out, I really like Jaqueline, she was bouncing and goofy, but super sweet, little nervous but i would be too. martin i couldn't visit with because he was being neutered, i was kinda bummed cause i had called earlier that day and they said it was ok! but when i got there they were like no, which is understandable, i just wish they would've told me ahead of time before i drove out! but i also saw this guy Mario the Dachshund, Miniature Long Haired while i was there, who was also so adorable!! but i couldn't visit with today  BAHH, so go back tomorrow luckily that shelter was close to my house.

Wolves are so cool, inspiration started out as the Role playing i use to do online as wolf when i was like 12-13. I always enjoy reading other peoples wolf "animal" comics i notice that a lot of people do the talking wolves. Very inspired by Disney and the lion king stuff. I wanted to keep their thoughts ambiguous, more realistic so i opted with no words for the wolves just how they are naturally with barks and body language, and just minimal captions. I wanted to borrow inspiration from no word comics. For the borders I got inspired by scratches and strange shaped be free with it all. There might be updates on this more, later i'm kinda doing the pages whenever i feel like it. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013


spinning, fluttering by
nothing else but the second
bring me up, burning like the sun
power swells from my chest out the windows
opening doors, what a quirk 

simple pleasure, sweet treats
without regret, flowing through
faster, out of control surge
twinkling spark

Friday, January 4, 2013


too many pictures too little time....

Collab Comics

Arnold the Super Cardinal in 420 Friendly, featuring Stinky and Inky
November 2012, the second one, I wrote and storyboard/penciled this, he inked it, it's funny cause some of my pencils he changed slightly cause he saw other things, my under drawings are really sloppy, so bound to happen. I did illustrate the cover tho.

December 2012 the 3rd comic, Danno was leading the narrative, designed the characters. We both penciled the panels in a trade off, he speed inked all the characters with a tech pen, while i followed after with a brush and india ink, help spotting blacks and doing the weird borders.

Arnold the Super Cardinal in "Global Warming"
The idea of cherry spawned as a joke by this one drawing i had made for him, and he took the doodle serious and made a whole comic about it on his own. He wrote, penciled, inked the comic, sent it to me, I just colored it for him. This was the first comic we collaborated on awhile back but was the last to be finished cause i'm kinda slow sometimes. sorry! :/

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

end of 2012

Venus and Mars

mindless drone
heartless feelings
when is something so broken it's beyond repair?
all the admirers mean nothing without you.
backwards feet, trembling shoulders,
boiling over, throw up
torn away posture
forgotten separate worlds.
pretend you can't see
cut off my arms
before I awake
you don't belong in my world

all i had was all i was going to get
hole in my chest
bite the hand that feeds
anxiety building towers
imagine a world without
cheeks burning with emptiness
gap between us get rid of old
time pulls me under
holding you back abandon me now
flawed love too much to ask for
loosing control, crumpled,
burnt, washed away.

cat got your tounge
cut it out, sew in a lie
beat outta me as i lay dead
in the arms of a widow
change, get off

enter the darkness
regress into somewhere cold
can't let go,
cast away on island
fading scents i can't remember
nothing but tremors now.
when touch was warm

stuck in time
with no momentum

lay me down in a puddle of my own filth
let me rot and swell as it grows deeper
drowning in a sick illusion of happiness
less than human
not good enough to clean your shoes
frozen finger tips
i can't feel anything but numbness
ruin me, fend for myself.
walk over me

stare ahead, pull together
ignore the cries of insanity
push it aside, distance
leave it alone.
nothing amuses
lost a lash