Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Venus and Mars

mindless drone
heartless feelings
when is something so broken it's beyond repair?
all the admirers mean nothing without you.
backwards feet, trembling shoulders,
boiling over, throw up
torn away posture
forgotten separate worlds.
pretend you can't see
cut off my arms
before I awake
you don't belong in my world

all i had was all i was going to get
hole in my chest
bite the hand that feeds
anxiety building towers
imagine a world without
cheeks burning with emptiness
gap between us get rid of old
time pulls me under
holding you back abandon me now
flawed love too much to ask for
loosing control, crumpled,
burnt, washed away.

cat got your tounge
cut it out, sew in a lie
beat outta me as i lay dead
in the arms of a widow
change, get off

enter the darkness
regress into somewhere cold
can't let go,
cast away on island
fading scents i can't remember
nothing but tremors now.
when touch was warm

stuck in time
with no momentum

lay me down in a puddle of my own filth
let me rot and swell as it grows deeper
drowning in a sick illusion of happiness
less than human
not good enough to clean your shoes
frozen finger tips
i can't feel anything but numbness
ruin me, fend for myself.
walk over me

stare ahead, pull together
ignore the cries of insanity
push it aside, distance
leave it alone.
nothing amuses
lost a lash

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