Friday, January 4, 2013

Collab Comics

Arnold the Super Cardinal in 420 Friendly, featuring Stinky and Inky
November 2012, the second one, I wrote and storyboard/penciled this, he inked it, it's funny cause some of my pencils he changed slightly cause he saw other things, my under drawings are really sloppy, so bound to happen. I did illustrate the cover tho.

December 2012 the 3rd comic, Danno was leading the narrative, designed the characters. We both penciled the panels in a trade off, he speed inked all the characters with a tech pen, while i followed after with a brush and india ink, help spotting blacks and doing the weird borders.

Arnold the Super Cardinal in "Global Warming"
The idea of cherry spawned as a joke by this one drawing i had made for him, and he took the doodle serious and made a whole comic about it on his own. He wrote, penciled, inked the comic, sent it to me, I just colored it for him. This was the first comic we collaborated on awhile back but was the last to be finished cause i'm kinda slow sometimes. sorry! :/

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