Wednesday, February 13, 2013

fire the great destroyer

 We had a chimney fire at my house, the metal shoot of the chimney got so hot that it ignited the dry insulation wood near it, and the fire started between the roof and the ceiling. It happened about at 1 am in the morning, the fire fighters took 3 hours to put out the fire. They shut off our power, we had to stay in the house the first night we were was afraid of the pipes freezing cause it was a really cold night. We stayed up all night, we had to shut all the doors and put up blankets in the door ways to keep the heat in. The next morning we had plumbers come out and drain the pipes, contractors came to do a quick patch on the roof, we stayed in a hotel the next night, then when the contractors came to next day to finish the job, came in at 8 in the morning and the house was smokey all over again, a second fire had started and our upstairs living room so they had to pull down the ceiling in that room to stop the fire,the first fire trashed the downstairs living room.  The fire defiantly put a damper on life, cause it's the heart of the winter right now. Thats why I didn't even have the internet for awhile!

 a lot of my dad's lamp collection got wrecked

 her arm broke
Basically Augato and Sezeri tried to consume us! XD

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