Wednesday, March 13, 2013


long distance couldn't stop it
a musical lyric of the heart
spinning ride, barley holding on
unexpected twists
compromise to compassion
return again

while butterflies dance
high above
an ecstasy addition of the brain
tender flesh, gentle brush
eternal torment and worry
giving up to win

let them fight off the world
learning from your mistakes
to build a den to hide from it all
let it go to yo yo back
while common sense is whisked away by impulsive adrenaline
bodily limbs taken over

so afraid of the world, secrets whispered and kept
the only two pieces to the puzzle
a magnet to earth
crossed paths, following each other
hit like a rocket
lasting forever

Saturday, March 9, 2013

i'll be blue

don't take it away
drag my face against the pavement
risk everything, to let slip away
can't surrender

saving you, to start a new
crushing waves and chariots await
proclaim an everlasting story


make a mistake once
crucified for life for a misunderstood world
self secluded, neverending materialism
so cold
tempted by addiction
explosion of words once spoke

locked up in disillusions, hidden in defintions
yours is mine,
crumpled and torn, everything left in the end
beginning over again.
lit up box keep my sanity
forsake those who prey on
those who ignore the warning
nothing more than a splatter on canvas
quit and sick

eagle mother
i've stolen your eggs


the lost can never be returned
in rotting wastelands, filled with debris of the past

forgetting is so easy, perpetuating forward
into the unknown by slave drivers
chained collars and owners
rules oh so wrong
the sediment has shifted, too many lies to get away
damsel to distress,

so self centered
learned too late, slit the connection
give me more

stuck on love
so many things to prove
sunk in the sea, net caught too many but the one


waiting signs above
ignoring the real ones
look past, until you crash

can't really know
till you decompose

cut flesh, ripped from the body
soaked in the blood, gathered for one good
blinking eyes
rivers and valleys filled
in tears and sorrow
destruction assembly of the symbiotic

unwavering mountains apart
star of them all, pulling


can't think for you
a badge on your shoulder
notch on your belt wear it around
cut down to size

inhuman animal,
worm filled intestines
siphoning the nutrients, weakened soul
controlling the body
nothing left but hate
fool, where will we go?
what will we do?