Thursday, June 27, 2013

bag testing

gone, they say
rapture stunning high
sweat on a brow
coated in feelings of anticipation
game of fame
willing to risk it all for
sucking fish

Hide it from the fact
hide it from the thrill
hold it under
rinse your hands, rinse your hands
repeat the beat
dull the mind
plug in

sore eyes
in front of a brick wall
bumps and bites
riptide diamond above all

the barn is where animals live

instant end over glass
a solid to liquid
meaningless everything

breaking silent, fortress high
purtrid from below twisting, turning
black energy caught up underneath
without saint

released into the world
tale of the positive, negative

change spinning
weight of the rocks towering, crushing
a moment skipping pebble

Sunday, June 23, 2013



I woke up from this dream at 5 in the morning, all i remember is looking down and feeling over my hip and uterus, and discovering a small circular peg stuck in me, it was slowly recessing into my body. It hurt, and looked raw. i didn't want it to get stuck in my body so i pulled it out, and when i did that it made my bowels shift and i shit my pants, it felt like i had dropped so much out of my body. The peg was covered in skin and blood, and thick chunks of period blood were on my hands, I screamed in my dream cause i thought i was going to die, and the doctors could do nothing about it. I woke up with actual pain in that spot but it went away after i got up. strange.