Tuesday, June 18, 2013


new religion
I dreamt I was watching this, a group of runaways, they were like peasants, wearing ripped up clothes, turbans, hooded capes looking to start a new religion, they are running from those who are prosecuting them, and they arrive at this abandoned mansion,  it was very dark out, black forest all around, it had a elegant entrance it seemed like to be the perfect place for them to rest for the night but as they began to explore the mansion. The people see all these things that make them want to stay forever and start their new church there. As the night sets in strange things start happening, like doors and shadows moving. In the night all these dead souls rose, ghosts victims of the mansion and were looking to consume them as well. The priest leader of them talked about their god saving them, children statues, scared of the man who owned the mansion who was evil reincarnate. I saw images of the children in cages above some torture room, it was very dark,bodies stuffed on top of cabinets in beds of dirty insulation. Someone came in and threw melon slices at them and tired to free them from their rusty cages. But then black square demons with pitchforks came in and took them away.

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