Friday, June 21, 2013


this dream took place in this huge ancient Japanese palace. This family was living there, and things started to go wrong with the servants and family members. They died suddenly, but it was the dead of winter so they took them down the basement where they stored their bodies in this cellar. But there was something wrong they were cursed and returned life as these blue skinned zombies. People were unsure so this guy went down to the cellar and took the heads of someone who had just died, and hallowed out the skull, so he could wear it like a mask over his head. It was bloody but when he put it over his head it took over his mind, and the dead mans head was animate again, attacking people. Everyone seemed to disappear quickly. I remember one girl with her lover and he had just passed away and she was mourning over him when he awoke and bit her, she jumped over a balcony and ran across a parking lot, into a green forest.

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