Friday, June 14, 2013

man of steel

why does Hollywood remake the same move over? I really thought the superman movies in the late 70's early 80's were the greatest, love the crystal motif, the new movie that just came out is just a remake of Superman II yes they have added a lot of flashy scenes of buildings being destroyed and superman doing cool things but it was soo boring i knew what was going to happen the whole time! NOTHING NEW. BORING I NEVER Even felt afarid for superman at all. they should've done a whole new story with superman new villian no back story crude. start it where he's established superman and something goes wrong i did like the end of the world stuff/invasion or far in the future of superman's time on earth and the effects he's had on society. It's superman i think it's pretty implied who he is, another remake is dull, plus didn't they just make a superman movie not that long ago? in 2006 superman returns?
Plus smallsville tv show....

It could've been so much better with a new exciting tale about superman not another tired retell....that really bummed me out.

The love between lois and superman felt forced some time. At the end battle he fights General Zod, they show them flying all around the city busting shit up traveling so far then finally ending in the train station, lois some how shows up just in time to comfort him? How did she travel across town so fast in a destroyed city...When he catches her from falling space it was so dramatic and superman seemed such a space cadet person to me preoccupied with his own inner turmoil of having too much emotions and compassion, being an alien/freak, having two did he find time for lois?...when general zod takes her as his prison so damsel in distress she seemed to loose personality and become an object. She did do some stuff tho, she wasn't completely helpless in some scenes like in the space ship. but I could've been happy if lois was just preoccupied with saving the world not about being in love with superman but helping him as her means to saving the world but then it gets to be that whole thing of falling in love with  your protector/savior. i do not know.

I did enjoy the smashing of buildings :)

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