Sunday, October 13, 2013

ace is high

deep blue sea
world inside your eyes
fill me up
low deep burning sensation
pure lustrous bliss
can't be pulled apart
immensely rising louder
heat embracing skin

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

run from me
dont touch me
sleep over there
sick animal
why do you come back?
when your thrown out?
hear me roar
sick of your cries

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Last night was particularly vivid, my first dream i remember i was snuggling with my love in bed, at first it was very pleasant, warm, and happy feeling, then i started noticed something strange about them. They could bend in impossible ways, and started getting very short with me, when I looked into their eyes i could see my own reflections, something void, lite up squares, their eyes glowed intense green, and then they got angry with me.  Then I realized it wasn't really them cause their eyes aren't green they were brown, and it was just an image that ended up flicker away, almost like a projection.  It was just a machine. I woke up cause it was very scary toward the end of the dream, those eyes with the strange squares....but soon I drifted back to sleep, I remember jumping off a building but not being afraid i would die like it was part of a trick, and the ground was soft, it was just a snip it. Then I remember this woman with these huge boobs, she was showing me her tattoos over her breasts, it was a simple design, cross hatching, lines. She was very proud.