Sunday, October 6, 2013


Last night was particularly vivid, my first dream i remember i was snuggling with my love in bed, at first it was very pleasant, warm, and happy feeling, then i started noticed something strange about them. They could bend in impossible ways, and started getting very short with me, when I looked into their eyes i could see my own reflections, something void, lite up squares, their eyes glowed intense green, and then they got angry with me.  Then I realized it wasn't really them cause their eyes aren't green they were brown, and it was just an image that ended up flicker away, almost like a projection.  It was just a machine. I woke up cause it was very scary toward the end of the dream, those eyes with the strange squares....but soon I drifted back to sleep, I remember jumping off a building but not being afraid i would die like it was part of a trick, and the ground was soft, it was just a snip it. Then I remember this woman with these huge boobs, she was showing me her tattoos over her breasts, it was a simple design, cross hatching, lines. She was very proud.

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