Saturday, November 8, 2014

birth by flames

I dreamed I was in a house pouring cookies into a cookie jar but they were too sweet. Heleyna was there my sister. I was too lazy to go to work that day, I was thinking about baby names. Heleyna was telling me something when i found myself at a bar alone. Everyone around me was preoccupied with themselves and their conversations. I was looking for someone, i went outside the restaurant looking for them. When i saw him. He started off by saying "I thought you left, so i waited outside for you. I was over joyed when i saw him, I ran to him. I could remember how perfect we fit together standing by him. We were walking together holding each other by the waist, till we got outside to the parking lot.  it was dark and icy as we walked to the car, he offed to hold my hand as we walked down a set of slippy stairs. As we got the car a voice spoke i can't do this anymore it's not a healthy relationship. when i woke up i went to the bathroom and tears just starting falling from my eyes uncontrollable like it was raining . It wasn't normal cry...there was no work up just tears falling, the dream had made me all was really strange and unsettling

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