Saturday, November 8, 2014


I've been reading so much lately at the library and online but for now web comics...
I'm pretty sure this artist use to be on enterthevoid but LOVE THIS COMIC what detail :) yes please
this website O_O great reference for dirty comics so dont click if your under 18 but tons of great sexy comics to read for FREE yesssss
this one is great too, love the characters and drawings, kinda reminds me of DBZ but all its own :D
another good website that is like a comic anthology great artists! a little of everything really hip and abstract new age kinda stuff :D
this one has awesome art, but the story is basically a retelling of wizard of oz with some twists
great water colors good story fun read :D LOVED IT
another great website full of comics! very much like a drunk duck, comic genesis, tapastic,  smackjeeves, & webcomics nation

basically i could spend the rest of my life reading comics and never run out of content, probably die before i read them all ... >8( damn

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