Monday, March 30, 2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Bad Boys Blue 1985 seriously i love this album

Die Krupps- metal machine  awesome band Jeremy got me hooked on :D

Teen Witch Soundtrack-popular haha recently watch this movie on netflix it was really funny and all the music was catchy

Race Gurram music TOLLYWOOD X3 they have the best dancing!!

Azealia Banks- harlem Shake. youtube

Britney Jean  i just always kinda like britney

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sick of society machines

Lately I've been very concerned with our world and the path we all are headed down. It's starting to get hard to ignore...Not only where I live in but the entire world. The ideal future is to live in a world where everyone is treated equally, paid fair living wages, has access to clean water, food, & shelter. To live on a planet that we don't pollute but respect other living creatures and plants. I want to see freedom of thought, a open network to pass knowledge, and open communications on a worldly level. Transparency, preserving different ways of life other cultures! Teaching self love and of course peace between each other.

It is possible, we just have to believe we can change. We wouldn't be where we are today without change. We just need to move in the right direction. The only solution I've figured out is first to be self aware and then take that knowledge and questioning of how we are living and passing it on to the next person...Sometimes i think we are so wrapped up in our own lives we forget that there's so many others that affected by our actions no matter how small. Slowly I'd like to move into actions i feel like at the moment I'm in this stage of realization. I really want to change things for the next generation! i don't want them to be stuck or worse off then my generation! These days it's not just about reproduction it's about the preserving of the human race and this planet.

The planet is being destroyed at at astronomical rate, honestly it's amazing that we even exist at all on this planet because so many things have to be just right for our planet to support life! The more we contribute to the destruction of it the more we tip the scales. Sometimes I just want this planet to turn into a dead planet destroying the human race do we deserved to live? Human beings are like a disease on this planet.

why do we have to kill each other and gain control over each other? infatuated with greed? Where did we go wrong? Are human beings just born that way or can we be retrained? is it our society? Our way of life at this current moment in time is not sustainable. Too much one time use plastic going straight to landfill, to the ocean. Where's the clean up? lets limit production or just say no don't support it. mindlessly running on a treadmill getting nowhere, burning fossil fuels.

Dare i say we are regressing to a monarchy type society, capitalism isn't always the answer. Do i really want the dollar to rule my life? The War of the Haves and the haves not. Is this fair? How to govern a large group of people is such a difficult question and answer. Sometimes I think we need to start over from scratch and rebuild the ideals destroy the loopholes. Where's the restart button?