Tuesday, April 21, 2015


In the beginning there was a mom looking up the history of her 13 year old song, and found out through his google searches he was looking at something called BRUOGER? everything from what is bruoger?, to who are bruoger?, where did the bruoger come from?, how many bruogers are there? and the mom was confused because she had never even heard of bruogers...Then the dream shifted to the point of view of a young girl, who was dreaming and in her dream these small creatures came and visited her. There was a bunch of larger than normal ants who were the warriors, miniature humans, and miniature bottles of champagne and these other groups of miniature creatures. They were trying to bargain with her but she thought it was a dream and didn't listen so she began eating them and smashing them. The next day it was eerie, like something was off she was afraid to go to sleep in her own room. she visited her sisters room and asked if she had seen any of the small creatures and she said no as her sister was getting sleepy she told her sister to sleep. as she feel asleep the next night the injured creatures visited her again but this time it was real and they were angry at her for what she did to them they started to haunt her house and she became this psychic channel. the floor rose up and she had to strike it down and draw all the bruogers out of the floor and calm their anger.

the dream shifted again to me in a library i was walking around naked although it was perfectly normal...but i was reading children books and i started to feel self conscious when someone mysterious kept following me around so i tried to go to the bathroom to change, cause my clothes where in my backpack but every time i went into a bathroom i kept going into the wrong gender's bathroom and i kept looking for the right changing room. finally i couldn't find one and i went in to change, it was very dirty inside that's all i remember

Monday, April 6, 2015

cyber punk

Etsy shop

check it out! made an etsy shop to sell some of my orginial paintings mostly cause i've become an art horder :D right now just a few pieces but i'll put more up later

Wednesday, April 1, 2015