Monday, July 20, 2015

Copyright Office

COPYRIGHT IS EVERYTHING i wrote a letter to the US-Copyright office to help protect it!
please participate! 

here is mine...

Dear U.S Copyright Office,
As an artist, I have a hard time making ends meet with my artwork. I want to see the copyright law made stronger. NOT weaker with the orphan copyright law. I do not condone the orphan works bill law or mass digitization.

As of now when I create something I own the copyright, it is everything to me as an artist to own the copyright from the time of creation because it is what I do with my copyright allows me to make a living as an artist. My copyright is my business assets.

I do not want to see the copyright management given to the greedy hands of the private sector. If I had to spend the time to register every piece I have drawn to this day and will create. I would be an unpaid employee of that firm. That is not right. Every man and woman deserves a living wage. This is impossible condition to impose on artists. To impose processing, managing fees, turning over information, this allows the copyright registry firms to commercially infringe and exploit  all artists. Creators need to retain their copyright from the time of creation. 

I want to see the copyright laws strengthened especially for resale or abuse of copyrighted works and derivative works created off copyrighted works. Make it easier to file law suits for copyright infringement, reduce litigation costs.

We should create rules and regulations for copyright clearance center or other collecting societies that claim to collect on artists behalf. Make all collecting societies publically display records who is paying into them and how much. Provide proof that they are paying actual artists with names and totals. Stricter rules on how copyrights can be licensed, who can license, laws to prohibit secondary licensing. 

I want to receive notices when copyright law will be changed or modified. This is important to every creator. Enforce artist's rights. Uphold the creator owned copyright! 

Thank you for your time,
Michelle Silva - 0becomingX

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