Wednesday, July 29, 2015

i'm pregnant

my a boy....i have about 2 and half months left of being a's kinda depressing since all my clothes don't fit me right but i hope to loose baby weight i don't want to be a overweight after this plus my clothes are cool :/ i have been doing a lot of research on birth & baby care. Something i didn't know a lot about before this.  seen so many birth videos I'm not even phased by the close ups hahaha. I'm hoping I'll be brave when handling the pain...a lot of pain is in your mind. i want to try to do this as natural as possible...I don't even understand why women lay on their backs...Gravity you are going be my BFF to get this baby out!! I keep thinking about masturbation and labor? THERE is a fine line between pleasure and pain...

 Being pregnant is weird I've had so many emotions like not wanting to be a mom & put my kid up for really excited and just want it to happen already! Sometimes my emotions are totally out of my hands..but other days are good. Mostly pregnancy has made me gassy and have to go pee every hour or more....

SO October 20th or son will be a Libra or Scorpio depending on him...I'm Aries and my husband is a Virgo :0 i just hope we all get along

don't know what to name him tho....difficult to decide

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