Friday, September 30, 2016



Books to read

Just bought this book from my friend Len and I love Brenda's aka Lonelyplanetgirl work so much i had to have it. The art was top notch, great expressions, and fun children characters designs. Len's dialogue is fun to read. The story has a unique perspective and insight into the life of a recovering child and the camp his mother brings him to.

Buy your own copy here:

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sunday, September 18, 2016

artists thoughts on style

So much great art I could die trying to look at it all but I still try.

but i have noticed trends...
obviously there is art's fascination with the female form which goes way back ages

as far as fandom go right now on my news feeds
1.Harley Quinn
4.Harry Potter

I'm kind tired of it. what else?

There is a popular art style evolving. Popular or widely publicized artists will get style look a likes, Other artists who draw like the "popular artist". What is popular shifts from time to time due to new generations of artists arising, bored of the familiar, new rising stars. I noticed the "popular style" has changed quickly with the invention of the world wide web everyone is able to share their images and see each others. There are many art galleries available online such a deviant art, instagram, tumblr, to name a  few. I keep thinking about what life would've been like before the internet when you had to go read a book, go the library or actually see another artists work in person. That and how "popular style" or "art movements" were affected in the past.

I'm not sure if i believe in originality. I use to strongly believe in it, I can see the perspective.
You are DNA-physical body and your experiences that mold and shape you. Art is what you see and experience then how you internalize it and project that information back out. Yes, we are unique because of our experiences but without the input? We are all borrowing from each other and having a conversations with pictures.

But what about the "Popular Artist"? Aren't they just building on those artists that came before them? Are they truly unique or is their work just a part of the same conversation that every artist has been involved in. Trying to depict ourselves with art. Making the marks.

Friday, September 16, 2016

thrift shop art

I like to see what people have bought and i also try to photograph original artwork unless it's a really great print...

These sculptures were at a library

SOME CHINA case I have a weird obsession with pretty dishes

 a couple of cool textiles