Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Park Puppies Children's Book

 I have always liked children's books. This story was inspired by a story I wrote as a kid which my dad has stashed somewhere If I ever find it i'm going take some pictures of it! But it featured zippy the dog so I rewrote the concept. I tried not to over think it. Keeping it simple and short as my writing was when I was in kindergarten but obviously i'm 30 now >_< experience is irreversible

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Comic Book Collection

Signed copy of Lose and Deforge's signature :)
The City Troll is good too! 

Signed copy of Wings of Anethema by Jeeven Atwal Tony Flores 
Fun good character development.
Meat Cake is also good

Junque Land by Jason Fischer IS a awesome sexy fun erotic comic. I also have a print by him not pictured which I love. This is a great series I recommend reading. I need to buy Terra Flats too. SERIOUSNESS

The Wicked + The Divine by writer Kieron Gillen, inks Jamie Mckelvie, colors Matt Wilson I kinda snuck in last the second of signing, but they were nice enough to sign ALL OF THEm XD
I love the character designs and story of The Wicked + The Devine, it's a very unique god story, and the inspiration from pop culture is fun. I dont want to say too much about it cause you should read it! :D

Sharknife by Corey Lewis is where it's at, wonderful read refreshing style
 I like how Reyyy signs

This kid is a MCAD student, i saw in Oregon 
His comic has a unique atmosphere and plot. :)

Read The Zipper Club by Len Wallace and Brenda Lopez

 APPLESEED. yes my camera sucks

 Wicked Chicken Queen by Sam Alden Good stuff, he is an excellent drawer.

 Nordhouse By Erik Schneider is really good interesting use of colored pencils and a limited color palette. Real drama stuff.
Eye bot By Sylvia Mann
Fun story interesting concept :)
Very out there,strange erotic comic. Abstract sense I really should buy more

Clutch and other mini comics by Sloane Leong 
She always does good stuff

BATGIRL issue signed by Babs Tarr she is so nice and cool. Her style is perfect for Batgirl

Isis By Kira Mardikes, Clone Void By Ivy Atoms and Kit Luisa Stories by Virginia Paine signed copies all great reads :) Fun art
Dream Grant By Sean Christensen was a enjoyable life story
 Godzilla The Half Century War by James Stokoe is great, I rented it from the library but i do own the trade issues but they are located in Minnesota at the moment. HE is so good at drawing cities and explosions and GODZILLA he just comes right off the page.

Billie the Unicorn by Brianne Drouhard This is a children's book but it can be enjoyed by all ages. This book is so well drawn the story and characters are so unique. I love her doodle in the book :)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

july to sept 2016 129 pg sketchbook

My younger sister drew these 

Bumbo is drawn by my Mother
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