Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Puppet Master

Based on Tina Myer's Characters 
Daphne and Varnex i drew this for her SO LONG ago
but i still like looking at it the last page isn't really finished but mehh
TILL THIS DAY I like the concept I wish i could do something with it 
but i feel like it was her idea but she might allow me to proceed if i asked her
to take creative control, since she doesn't really use them anymore....

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Collab with Amy Otteson she colored them
I drew these pictures of her Characters! Vaughn and Ixia
SHE is such a good artist! 
I'm a big fan. 

She also drew me this fanart of my own characters WHICH IS SO AWESOME
hahah i printed it out and have it hanging in my changing closet near my lisa frank calendar

School Project

In highschool my middle sister asked me to draw a comic for her school project back in 2003

Outside of the Box neopets comics

OH GOSH LOL these are some what embarrassing hahah
my lupin (wolf) was named Howlingblood and the Aisha (cat thing) was....sukinekochan hahaha I dont really get the humor anymore
but ok XD i laugh at how bad it is now
luckily there is only 4 comics i made go onto the neotimes

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Author's Notes:
Empty first premiered on the internet as a POSTER comic I think it was 24X36", which is interesting and good but i felt like i should put it back together as book for easy printing sake. I'm much better at setting up files for print then I was back in the day. Empty was created in 2008 for a Bookmaking class. The original cover was just black, I made this painting the cover for this version. The painting was also made at the same time I made this "comic". I think I painted the painting first then made the book. This comic had a strange process which I haven't used in a long time. I made the book first and then drew the illustrations into it. Usually I do single illustrations then I print them into a book. The story for Empty is pretty raw, I just improved everything which makes it kinda free but it also has its draw backs too. I remember that in spread 4 (counting cover) it had a cut out circle in the page to see the illustration of that little fuzzy guys face on the next page.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Dreamt that I was laying on my teeth in a wrong way and I felt so much pressure on my mouth, my teeth started to feel loose and then they just started falling out one at a time and i kept holding my mouth trying to cover my toothless mouth and i was crying that i was loosing my teeth the dream was so distressing I woke up

I dreamt I was back in Minnesota i was mowing my yard, and my dad had just finished our roof on our house, but there was piles of unmelted snow in the yard, and near our porch a natural gas leak from deep below the earth was exposed and it had caught on fire and the fire was reaching the roof. I panicked and started screaming fire and I used the unmelted snow to put the fire out the dream was exhausting and stressful I woke up

Also had another dream I was pregnant with some else's baby and it was not my husband's. I didn't want to tell him and I wanted to get abortion. Then the dream switched to where I was hanging out with an old art friend of mine, he was bummed cause he didn't have a girlfriend so I hooked him up with this girl I knew only in the dream and she was a young artist  her art had bad anatomy, kinda childish line quality, but really good black and white pencil shading. I remember the art pieces vividly anyway she wanted him to show her how to draw and they seemed like they would get along.

One dream I was swimming in this very weedy lake, the seaweed was getting wrapped around my leg and I was trying to swim around people's fishing lines so i wouldn't get hooked or tangled. I was trying to pull my kid fishing rod loose from a fish who was trying to pull it under the fish was so strong but finally the line broke and I pulled myself up onto the dock, I looked down and the water was so clear I could see all these huge fish swimming under the dock. I felt relieved that I was out of the water and no longer swimming with them or in the seaweed.

Actually I haven't dreamed very much lately cause i'm usually so dead tired, I really stay up too late doing whatever then I just crash and black out. I've noticed when I was able to  remember so many dreams I was waking up on my own time, but my life has changed and I'm always being awaken rudely no soft transition from subconscious to conscious . 

Monday, November 14, 2016

sketch book from September to October 2016

Sketchbook from September to October 2016
 Fanart for Amy Otteson of two of her Characters 
Fanart of Marie For Andrea Kahn
 I know inktober was going...during October i didn't post everyday but yes i did draw everyday >.O i pretty much try to draw everyday even if to some it would be considered just a doodle. I like my doodles ha! I think as long as I'm having fun or learning it's a success! maybe that gives me low standards but who cares :P