Sunday, November 20, 2016


Author's Notes:
Empty first premiered on the internet as a POSTER comic I think it was 24X36", which is interesting and good but i felt like i should put it back together as book for easy printing sake. I'm much better at setting up files for print then I was back in the day. Empty was created in 2008 for a Bookmaking class. The original cover was just black, I made this painting the cover for this version. The painting was also made at the same time I made this "comic". I think I painted the painting first then made the book. This comic had a strange process which I haven't used in a long time. I made the book first and then drew the illustrations into it. Usually I do single illustrations then I print them into a book. The story for Empty is pretty raw, I just improved everything which makes it kinda free but it also has its draw backs too. I remember that in spread 4 (counting cover) it had a cut out circle in the page to see the illustration of that little fuzzy guys face on the next page.

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