Monday, November 14, 2016

christmas is a sell out

I'm kinda jaded with the holiday season. I remember when I was a kid, we did celebrate Christmas gift giving, decorating a tree, Santa, and a family feast. The holiday was more magical as a kid but now looking back it was only cause I got presents that I was excited for Christmas...Which did I really need that many toys? I would count to see how many I got and hell would break loose if my sisters got more than me. awww so dumb. In a way that taught me happiness = new stuff. I'm not sure that was the best message.

Lately I've been thinking about, am I going to continue this tradition with my own child? Since I'm not practicing any religion does my kid need Christmas?? I will defiantly teach him about religion but I want to teach all the religions and let him decide what he wants to practice if any. My problem is that so many holidays have been so CONSUMERIZED and have lost the true meaning. I know Christmas is a christian holiday celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. During the winter season the Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah a re dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. There's a lot of other cultures/religions that celebrate during the winter season. What I think is that we should re-examine and go back to the roots of the celebration and get in touch with that. I'm not saying don't gift give, but do we need to do it in excess? I think moderation would be good. It's the thought that counts right? If you don't want to give a mass produced item maybe it's a gift of food? Thinking of you visiting your relatives or friends? Tell them how much them mean to you? help someone you don't know? Celebrate your religion with prayer?

What i'm questioning is the blind CONSUMERISM. The excuse to spend money. I feel like retail stores make such a big deal out of it just because they want to give you a reason to SPEND your money on more JUNK for your house that you don't really need and they always want you to buy more goods that came from China, Thailand, India, Malaysia, or some other third world country where all these good were produced with cheap labor and plastics. Buying these goods you are supporting cheap labor which I find troubling. Being American we expect minimum wages and workers rights here in our country, but it's ok to buy a good that comes from another country where they don't have minimum wages or even workers rights?? What? I think we should be concerned about workers in other countries as if they were our own.

All the decorations that they make every year is crazy and by purchasing them you are supporting making more. Some people who buy them just throw them away at the end of the season or you have the task to spend the time to put them away, store them for the rest of year. What a chore that i'm personally not interested in but that might work for you. The excessive amounts of decorations can be said for any holiday it's just too much. So my suggestion is make them yourself, reuse the decorations each year, buy used decorations at thrift store if you have to have that new thing. I'm wont even talk about the electricity wasted on leaving your holiday lights on...aye but i guess it would be ok if we used more renewable energy.

I think I will continue the family feast defiantly, maybe a gift but only if he NEEDS the item. I feel like it will hard for me to stop others from giving to us if they really want to, but I don't want gift giving to be the focus. As far as making it festive I can craft a decoration out of paper, make Christmas cookies, and just be thankful for what we have.

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