Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Dreamt that I was laying on my teeth in a wrong way and I felt so much pressure on my mouth, my teeth started to feel loose and then they just started falling out one at a time and i kept holding my mouth trying to cover my toothless mouth and i was crying that i was loosing my teeth the dream was so distressing I woke up

I dreamt I was back in Minnesota i was mowing my yard, and my dad had just finished our roof on our house, but there was piles of unmelted snow in the yard, and near our porch a natural gas leak from deep below the earth was exposed and it had caught on fire and the fire was reaching the roof. I panicked and started screaming fire and I used the unmelted snow to put the fire out the dream was exhausting and stressful I woke up

Also had another dream I was pregnant with some else's baby and it was not my husband's. I didn't want to tell him and I wanted to get abortion. Then the dream switched to where I was hanging out with an old art friend of mine, he was bummed cause he didn't have a girlfriend so I hooked him up with this girl I knew only in the dream and she was a young artist  her art had bad anatomy, kinda childish line quality, but really good black and white pencil shading. I remember the art pieces vividly anyway she wanted him to show her how to draw and they seemed like they would get along.

One dream I was swimming in this very weedy lake, the seaweed was getting wrapped around my leg and I was trying to swim around people's fishing lines so i wouldn't get hooked or tangled. I was trying to pull my kid fishing rod loose from a fish who was trying to pull it under the fish was so strong but finally the line broke and I pulled myself up onto the dock, I looked down and the water was so clear I could see all these huge fish swimming under the dock. I felt relieved that I was out of the water and no longer swimming with them or in the seaweed.

Actually I haven't dreamed very much lately cause i'm usually so dead tired, I really stay up too late doing whatever then I just crash and black out. I've noticed when I was able to  remember so many dreams I was waking up on my own time, but my life has changed and I'm always being awaken rudely no soft transition from subconscious to conscious . 

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