Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Excalibur is sick FML

MY COMPUTER FML  @^#^Y#$%@&!

ugh i hate computer issues... my dog rammed it and the screen froze and i was just like let me restart you now it is  refusing to post, it turns on the tower lights and fans turn on but then turns itself off right away and continues to try to start with no avail. this happened before with another one of my computer so long ago but i forgot what the exact issue was cause i had help from a friend....I worry it is my motherboard or PSU, or maybe my CPU...i dont know gahhh i might have to take it in to run some diagnostics on the parts see if i can replace a part....I NEED HELP!!! MY FILES T___T MY PRECIOUS BABIES i do have an external hard drive but i think the last time i backed up with in aug 2016 i had been writing a ton of scripts lately DARN IT!!! and i was thinking of throwing them up on google drive for the hell of it..and i didn't... i don't think there's anything wrong with my hard drives but still very stressful!!!!!!!! PRAY FOR ME!!!!

i have to use my husband's mac laptop for the moment GAHH my art programs *sobs* altho i'm trying to be cool like come on baby i just want to wake up tomorrow and it'll turn on happy as ever...

EDIT*** OMG after hours of cleaning and taking it apart and examining the parts Excalibur has decided to turn on...it was after i cleaned the power supply it finally was like "ok what? i'm awake freak out much"...i'm afraid to turn it off...it wasn't that DUSTY geez EXcalibur you were suppose to be the chosen one! T_T i suppose it is getting kinda old...i got it in 2011 ...when i turned it on it thought it was 2009? LOL wtf? U weren't EVEN BORN yet ya nincompoop!

NOW I"M BACKING STUFF UP cause i almost died. i need to get into cloud storage too but i have SOO much data it might cost me a fortune to rent all that space...

Time to reflect upon the past...

My very first was "the beast"
a compaq with windows 98  which i got in 2000 or 1999 the beast  actually survived for a long time cause my dad got quite a few years out of it...It had a dail up modem...aww those were the days...
OMG MY LIFE Has not changed much hahahahahahaha 
This is "the beast" and young me

then i had a Sony Vaio when i went away to college in 2004. I dubbed it FERNANDO! lol
I will say my dad still uses the monitor that came with Fernando till this day.
actually i'm really surprised to find this photo ITS FERNANDO and all my stuff.

Fernando died some years later i wanna say 2009 and my friend resurrected it using parts from his old computer Dr. zoidberg and parts from Fernando and it became known as FRANKENSTEIN 
Frankenstein is sitting in the corner under the curtain next to the desk
 i wish i had a better picture of it. It had a red and black front with a dr.zoidberg sticker on it..
and it was like the heaviest case ever...

here is Excalibur hiding behind my desk i moved it to be safer 
it lights up blue but you can't see it with the flash on..
TILL now my story comes to a close 

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