Friday, December 30, 2016

photo edit

photo manipulation  
old picture of me must've been 2012-2013?
cool make up still

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

jack in the box

I have to describe the background a little bit first, it was this house with 1 room on each level it was very tall and narrow...surrounded by forest far away from civilization. The dream was about a young child and his mother. The child went down into the basement and it was a dug out basement but there was all these weird old looking toys down there. The child wasn't suppose to be in the basement. One box filled with dolls and a jack in the box. The child turned the jack in the box until the clown popped out. The child took the toy upstairs looking for his mother but the whole house was in disarray everything was out of place, He couldn't find his mother anywhere finally he made it to the top level she was in bed, The mother face had a red circular almost burn? on one side of her face, she was ill in bed. She told her child "I've seen  the old man, I feed him q-tips and candy canes." The child looked over in the room and there was this white, silvered eyed, short arms, fish teeth looking entity. It scared me the old man was hungry and was getting ready to eat the mother and soon the child. I was wondering why they didn't run for it while it was eating the candy canes, why they didn't call the cops. The child was too little too call the cops. It was too stressful and i had to wake up.