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first created 12/13/16 keep editing***
anyway TANGENT TIME for style similairities

Illustration style, detailed, indie/hipster young people, color schemes, even lines
instagram.benisright + laura callaghan + robin eisenberg + Jenn Woodall

this group is into neon colors and black lines some what minimalist
oliver hibert + jacqueline denton (jacqueline and oliver are studio roommates it seems so that would be why their styles are so similar not sure who is first the chicken or the egg) +chloeleeart.tumblr  + Jens Daversjo

marker, the nose is the common factor the shape and how it's shaded nose making it seem red? or tan with highlight, anime eyes, full lips
 vanilla.bambi + instagram.florsux + instagram.toxic.indigo + instagram.twiddletaffy +instagram.lleyksie + instagram.toejaku

high cartoon influence combined with anime, thick bodies, eyes touching, exaggerated profiles noses
okuyasuus.deviantart + seniroya.deviantart + moonghostz.deviantart + dogtv.deviantart/ + magicvice.deviantart + qiqer.deviantart

here is another grouping of psychedelic..intense colors, more abstract 
superphazed.deviantart (superphazed older work not newer)

This group has realistic anatomy, SMOOTH shading, pretty girls, clean lineart, anime influenced
cusd and skopt (i actually have always thought cusd and skopt are the same person one account for male drawings other for female drawings their style is so similar)
instagram.munbbi/ + jen bartel + cami fortuna
and asieybarbie.deviantart + nancchan.deviantart

abstract or surreal subject matter, anime influence, PENCIL TOOL, crosshatching/ linear shading, 3-d lineart effects, saturated colors or black and white,
asiulus.deviantart +  xuh.deviantart +  riki-taki.deviantart  + teeething.deviantart + phthalovs.deviantart + gatoamigos.deviantart

New age style, Witches, Goth, Punk fashion influence, Rounded faces, Long noses, full lips, detailing on the character, muted/pastel color palatte....
l0ll3.deviantart + kimrogersx  + gemma flack+ Mel Stringer + heather mahlernataszekboobookittyfuck.deviantart

GOTH-Punk fashion influence, sharp noses
koffinkorps.deviantart +  spooks0.deviantart + fukari.deviantart mostly alot of fukari's older stuff

Fantasy, watercolors, markers, somewhat anime inspired, thick thin lines, goth
irenhorrors.deviantart + abigaillarson.deviantart + liigaklavina.deviantart + nati.deviantart + madlittleclown.deviantart

and then there is this grouping very related the last group but a little bit more realistic they use colored lines, pretty girls, hipster/punk/pin-up fashion,
dixieleota.deviantart + ursuladecay.deviantart. + hettemaudit.deviantart + +  babsdraws.deviantart 

(even loish is inspired by others Disney to name one) Loish has inspired lots  ni-nig.deviantart + neimykanani.tumblr + cyarin.deviantart

Heavy thick EYE liner, upper eye line, big eyes...stars...lots of shines
dollieguts.deviantart  + instagram.robodettes (this person likes to change their username alot) +  koteosa.deviantart  + instagram.evaunit7  + petitepasserine.deviantart

Cute animals style, no black lines, strange combinations with animals, animals and food, rounded feet & nose animals are very popular if i spent more time i could find more examples these are just some of my favorites
eellie + strangelykatie (her animals) + reiitan + tyronniesaur.deviantart + palestdeer.deviantart + stormcat.deviantart

Glam, sparkly, big lashy eyes, sexy anime girls, perfect body mold, rainbow colors, clean lineart,
catsparkles + zambi + LooneyLolita +  bara-chan but i think bara-chan is got a little more complex shading style kinda graphic graffiti inspired ..:P

Childlike, big eyes, vivid colors, trendy, pretty, painterly, cutesty strange--
camilla derrico  + pruch sintunavaValerie Bastille saccstry and mai-ja which could all be related to mark ryden + keane but maybe she had seen some anime/manga LOL ;p

Sharp jawlines, Eyes, full lips, sexy people same body mold, eyelashes
cherrysart  +

This style is influenced by the brush and india ink/brush pen
Rose Bousamra + Britt Sabo + Sally Cantirino + Maddie Dennis +

the gender transformations and rounded style
blackshirtboy  + grumpy-tg + cluedog EXCEPT clue dog has a very different technique then the other two but subject mater very much the same

heavy black shadows, simplified blacks, detailed backgrounds,
buonaseraukulele  + andrew-ross-maclean + future-parker
i feel like this style is a take off from  mike mignola ...but they all were probably inspired by Frank Miller..and Miller someone else...

Simple eyes, character designs based on shapes, but complex backgrounds examples would be  mrdynamite + teagle their comic styles + Jesse Tise

Cause i mentioned them in the last group
I call this group strange flat colors backgrounds, simple lines, child like representations, cartoon, indie/zine
Patrick Kyle + Michael Deforge + Dominic kesterton + instagram.frenemylife +Tom Vaillant + Ana galvan + Adam Muto + Malenf

The eyes facial features are kinda the connecting point for this group its like a mix of anime and realism and traditional comic style..the only thing that varies is shading styles, detailed backgrounds, use of jawline lines, rounded eyes, hair strands
 marian-churchland + shortfury.deviantart (actually shortfury is least like the rest her faces are similar to these other artists but NOT her linework) + (i feel like lately sloane is experimenting with a more i would say patrick kyle/ michael deforge style like mentioned above) + hezakey.tumblr heza kay style reminds me of Sloane +

Simple eyes, clean lineart, normal people, complex backgrounds,
lucy knisley  jillian tamaki (her comic style)

I call this grouping editorial style, popular style for magazine illustrations... you could possibly even put Jillian Tamaki in this grouping......ROUNDED faces
Celine Loup  + Angie Wang + bianca bagnarelli  + ehaidle + Kim Salt

early 90's comics, influenced by anime, more exaggerated eyes, very thick/line line art,....
zaratus + older work by Roger Cruz lately Cruz he has really take a different direction with watercolors reminds me more of a fusion of Jean Giraud and Antonio Sandoval...anyway 90's comic style + 122476.deviantart + J. Scott Campbell  (his style has evolved a bit just smoother) but i'm talking about Danger Girl  and Gen 13 + Michael Turner defiantly what he did on the darkness, witchblade, fathom...

SUPER Detailed style in both characters and backgrounds-clean line art
Afu-chan + f1x-2 + Gael Bertrand (specially the work on Tarot seems their older style is different)

This pair style is not that similiar but they bounce of each other so much with drawing each other characters i think it's fun to see the result and

lets back out to the bigger picture here people,,, all these artists are related in use of lines to make their drawings and materials so ha :P Also i selected them all so i have some interest in these styles or artists. So slightly biased,,,also i noticed a majority of them are women O_O

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