Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Songs i've played on repeat too many times and everytime they come on  I still BLAST THEM

Human League. don't you want me baby.youtube
modern talking.you're my heart you're my soul.youtube
Madonna-physical attraction.youtube
Evelyn Champagne King-love come down.youtube
Rick James- super freak.youtube
pink floyd-money.youtube this one and "have a cigar" "young lust" is also good
PRINCE-Rasberry Baret i couldn't find any on youtube i have almost all the prince albums
KMFDM-megalomaniac.youtube never gets old...
spice girls-wannabe.youtube honestly i got their cds when it came out and listened to it all the time!!!...and i still enjoy listening

Monday, January 30, 2017

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Alien Flower

this was the first painting of 2017 altho i'v been saving it case its one of my favorites..
<3 it's so sexy  *school girl BLUSH*

XD this song
*puts song on repeat*

*Hours later goes mad*

Friday, January 27, 2017

sister power!

My younger sister started drawing this woman..and asked me to collaborate with her... so i painted on it added some highlights,shadows, the hat, and earrings, we went back and forth for a bit on how the brim of the hat should be painted and the shading on the face hahaha it's not my artwork but it's not her's either :p IT's FUSION!!! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


haha this bottom one is vik's attempt at painting
he is way more advent garde then i'll ever be he was rolling on the painting, stepping all over it,
throwing rocks in the painting..i did this outside which wasn't that good of idea because 
paint got everywhere O_O he was covered in paint hahaha and here i was like here have a brush 
trying to show him stuff in the upper left hand corner it just didn't work out...

Friday, January 20, 2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017


flower dude

been doing alot of painting at the start of 2017

top list

The MOST prevalent thing on the internet is the FEMALE FORM and PORN

most common things seen on Instagram
1. FACES drawn/selfie/shoulder up/makeup
2. Memes
3.food what you ate pictures
4.pets cats-dogs- animals
5.celebrities *snore Z.Z*

Cliche Comic Intros
1.late for school,work,any event how this has been over done in anime and it continues to be a starting point for web comics....SO chiche
2. long ago, god backstory, aka creation stories generally people use stars/skies as the imagery or if they do use images they use ancient drawing styles like Mayan/cave drawings/ Native American/ Egyptian/ Medieval so on.
3.Thick of the action, i'm talking about when stories start with shooting,running,fighting
4.The past! memories...i'm going to throw Dream into this group

In my opinion most popular genres
1. ROMANCE holy.yes i'm talking straight, gay, bi, erotica, ALL of it romance seems to find it's way in almost all stories even sometimes when it makes no sense
2.autobio stories! slice of life-- life about the artist/actor/writer/any person- some funny or serious...and this can encompass furry art cause some people like to portray themselves as that. some autobio comics are really good and have insight into something else besides themselves but others are cringe worthy self indulgence
3. Science fiction/ dystopia/end of the world/ apocalypse/ robots-gundams/steampunk/cyberpunk i feel like this genre is very popular right now
4.Magic/fantasy/magic girlboy/wizards/superhero/elves/knights stuff like that
5. Horror scary stuff ghosts/demons/werewolves/vampires/ect
6. last i would say is westerns/historical stuff altho there is a bunch of stuff about WWII which seriously i'm so tired of the world wars OK THERE WAS OTHER WARS PEOPLE i know hitler what a personality but seriously. altho speaking of war lately in hollywood i've seen so much of islamic terrorism/war in entertainment really criminalizing anyone from the middle east BOO but if you go back in time around the 60's the bad guys was the russians/cuba...then go back to the 30-40's it was the germans.... O_O

Friday, January 13, 2017

star warssss

i saw rogue one.....>_> i shall call it episode 3.5 prepare yourself for a character blood bath people!!!!! HEY NOW  YOU SEE UM NOW YOU DON'T MUAHAHHAHAHA lol did i think it was boring yeah i kinda did but maybe i'm getting more ADD i don't know i was browsing on instagram during the movie....it was kinda predictable and i felt like the romance was unnecessary...

SEE THIS TUMBLR POST rogue one  humor lol http://www0becomingx.tumblr.com/post/155841569737/forcekenobi-wow-i-love-the-star-war

i tried to watch civil war O_O man i couldn't' get into that either
i watched suicide squad...
yeah i dont get why people like that either...Harley kept saying pussy too much and her outfit...she was over sexualized *sigh*i will say that the joker had no plot other than to be a accessory to Harley Quinn and he was weirdly obsessed with her? i'm use to cartoon joker who is annoyed with her...doesn't want to kiss her or have much to do with her besides her being his minion. But i guess why i never understood why she was chosen for the suicide squad SHE HAS NO POWERS.....gah she just a little psycho and honestly she wants to be normal. Women were really shit on in that movie, cause the only STRONG women was Katana and they never even gave her subtitles or any lines!!! I really hated how they killed that one electric dude who was cast by someone who looked native american...he died right away? in the first fight!? i was angry i wanted boomerang doofus to die instead....My favorite character was the crocodile man hahaha :P he was just simple not wah wah my backstory...cry for me...he had a lot of funny one liners that i laughed at...Not only that...but the whole story could have been avoided if that lady who headed the suicide squad just didn't fuck with the enchantress..at ALL ok SHE IS MAGIC ancient god person......and the doctor didn't even want to transform into her why did she force her to use the enchantress....THE DOCTOR wasn't in jail like the rest of them! like how did they make her be in the suicide squad anyway? She was a victim of enchantress not a villain... like ugh...and all the leader of the suicide squad did with the enchantress was to show off her power by doing some simple stupid things then everything went haywire WELL DUH...maybe you shouldn't be such a bitch and stab the poor girl in the heart so much....she was sealed away for a reason lady....i guess someone has to be stupid for the story to happen....i felt like the enchantress was defeated too easily...there was some parts that left me like what? like El Diablo spoke the same language as the enchantress and her brother.. were they all related???????? i guess i'll never find out THEY ALL DIED and the whole time i kept thinking why are they asking all these villains to save the day when they have superman, batman, and the flash? what?

ok enough complaining...
what am i into? let me think...

Oh i saw the world of warcraft movie THAT i actually liked!! i was surprised!!! I like the lore behind the games so it's fun that they just did a movie version of it and stuck to the story!!!!!! it was fun to see the characters you know in game in the movie!!! and baby thrall!! AWWWWW WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO DO ANOTHER ONE? i want to see them make a movie about thrall I LOVE THRALL!! also blizzard please make a movie about the lich king :D he is my favorite bad guy.


I dreamt i was back at home at the farm with my family.  We were all standing in the kitchen with my mom and dad. We were out of milk, there was some out in the barn but nobody wanted to go out there. My mom was nervous and didn't want to talk about why nobody wanted to go so she slipped me a note that said "she had been possessed and someone tried to control her while she was out in the barn last. She warned me not to go the barn." I ignored the note and went to go outside to get the milk but before I left the house I grabbed a pair of scissors. Out the door I ran as fast as I could through the yard. I didn't think much of it, until I realized I was running with scissors so I slipped the scissors in my pocket. Everything seemed normal as I came up to the barn door. Until I went to open the doors when heard this load booming male voice say "I'M RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" and laugh. My eyes widened and I wanted to keep going forward but i didn't want to turn around. I woke up at this point cause it startled me but and i had to go to the bathroom....which bummed me out cause i wanted to go back in the dream and try to use that scissors against' that evil thing or see what it was...but I couldn't go back into the dream

Thursday, January 5, 2017


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!!!!! THE YEAR OF THE FIRE ROOSTER or aka phoenix...:P 
now time for some....OLD ART
I LOVE IT this stuff is 2004 and earlier...when i use to hang around on paint chats and
oekaki boards...Oekaki Central was my favorite... http://www.oekakicentral.com/fp/fp1/index2.php
My old username was X_Chan666 I was very special haha I use to sign my art Shell a nickname of michelle...Looking at Oekaki Central right now i'm surprised I RECOGNIZE some artists from back in the day Pipi, Madhatter and Marbles I liked their art i'm glad to see they are still going

the old version of oekaki  use to only have the watercolor and the pencil tool later they added the PEN tool. the watercolor tool made some rough lineart :/ When they added the pen tool that became my favorite maybe i'll do another post with oekaki pen tool stuff 

this one is a self portrait kinda creepy

a collab with Emlan