Friday, January 13, 2017


I dreamt i was back at home at the farm with my family.  We were all standing in the kitchen with my mom and dad. We were out of milk, there was some out in the barn but nobody wanted to go out there. My mom was nervous and didn't want to talk about why nobody wanted to go so she slipped me a note that said "she had been possessed and someone tried to control her while she was out in the barn last. She warned me not to go the barn." I ignored the note and went to go outside to get the milk but before I left the house I grabbed a pair of scissors. Out the door I ran as fast as I could through the yard. I didn't think much of it, until I realized I was running with scissors so I slipped the scissors in my pocket. Everything seemed normal as I came up to the barn door. Until I went to open the doors when heard this load booming male voice say "I'M RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" and laugh. My eyes widened and I wanted to keep going forward but i didn't want to turn around. I woke up at this point cause it startled me but and i had to go to the bathroom....which bummed me out cause i wanted to go back in the dream and try to use that scissors against' that evil thing or see what it was...but I couldn't go back into the dream

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