Thursday, January 5, 2017


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!!!!!! THE YEAR OF THE FIRE ROOSTER or aka phoenix...:P 
now time for some....OLD ART
I LOVE IT this stuff is 2004 and earlier...when i use to hang around on paint chats and
oekaki boards...Oekaki Central was my favorite...
My old username was X_Chan666 I was very special haha I use to sign my art Shell a nickname of michelle...Looking at Oekaki Central right now i'm surprised I RECOGNIZE some artists from back in the day Pipi, Madhatter and Marbles I liked their art i'm glad to see they are still going

the old version of oekaki  use to only have the watercolor and the pencil tool later they added the PEN tool. the watercolor tool made some rough lineart :/ When they added the pen tool that became my favorite maybe i'll do another post with oekaki pen tool stuff 

this one is a self portrait kinda creepy

a collab with Emlan

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