Sunday, January 15, 2017

top list

The MOST prevalent thing on the internet is the FEMALE FORM and PORN

most common things seen on Instagram
1. FACES drawn/selfie/shoulder up/makeup
2. Memes what you ate pictures
4.pets cats-dogs- animals
5.celebrities *snore Z.Z*

Cliche Comic Intros
1.late for school,work,any event how this has been over done in anime and it continues to be a starting point for web comics....SO chiche
2. long ago, god backstory, aka creation stories generally people use stars/skies as the imagery or if they do use images they use ancient drawing styles like Mayan/cave drawings/ Native American/ Egyptian/ Medieval so on.
3.Thick of the action, i'm talking about when stories start with shooting,running,fighting
4.The past! memories...i'm going to throw Dream into this group

In my opinion most popular genres
1. ROMANCE holy.yes i'm talking straight, gay, bi, erotica, ALL of it romance seems to find it's way in almost all stories even sometimes when it makes no sense
2.autobio stories! slice of life-- life about the artist/actor/writer/any person- some funny or serious...and this can encompass furry art cause some people like to portray themselves as that. some autobio comics are really good and have insight into something else besides themselves but others are cringe worthy self indulgence
3. Science fiction/ dystopia/end of the world/ apocalypse/ robots-gundams/steampunk/cyberpunk i feel like this genre is very popular right now
4.Magic/fantasy/magic girlboy/wizards/superhero/elves/knights stuff like that
5. Horror scary stuff ghosts/demons/werewolves/vampires/ect
6. last i would say is westerns/historical stuff altho there is a bunch of stuff about WWII which seriously i'm so tired of the world wars OK THERE WAS OTHER WARS PEOPLE i know hitler what a personality but seriously. altho speaking of war lately in hollywood i've seen so much of islamic terrorism/war in entertainment really criminalizing anyone from the middle east BOO but if you go back in time around the 60's the bad guys was the russians/cuba...then go back to the 30-40's it was the germans.... O_O

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