Wednesday, February 1, 2017

early collage paintings

This one of the man is actually painted over...i painted a portrait of a creepy family on it..sadly i have no picture of the final time I'm in minnesota i'm going to have to take a picture of it...I use to like to use it for Halloween XD 
here is the work in progress? >_< damnit
 this one is from late 2005
but she really goes with the family portrait one
since i was painting a group of characters
this one is very very big...i would say 4'X4" my guess

assignments, studies and paint doodles


Collage...ugh draw stuff you don't want to draw and be graded on ART...ok art is objective, art school is over priced and doesn't help job place... If I could do it over again knowing what I know today about collage and life. I would've worked a stupid job for a couple years then I would've gone to collage and studied law or science. Just been a self taught artist cause practice makes perfect and I've always had a internal drive to draw anyway.

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