Tuesday, February 7, 2017


i dreamed about a house that was breaking down, it had holes in the wall. There was a trash pit near the house it had been sealed off and and unused. but the dad of the family wanted to open it again and the child didn't want her dad to because there was little wolf people that came through. She was scared, she was hugging her dad he was trying to tell her it would be alright. When she opened her eyes she looked through a hole in the wall to see a yellow wolf eye glaring back at her.

Dream two
was about witches, these witches brainwashed people, they took them to a resort and drained them of their energy, they lost control of their senses. Except for this one person who kept trying to escape, the other victims were floating in the air lifelessly with blood lines running into the witch. The escapee left into a hospital but was still on the run because the witches were everywhere disguised as nuns in the hospital, someone in trying to flee the witches they meet someone else who was also trying to escape they both were turned small by the witches so they wouldn't get away so quickly. I remember them grabbing a balloon and parachuting down a window into a garden, but the garden was fenced and they were looking for an out. They got separated and they keep trying to run. 

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