Saturday, February 25, 2017

eyes are the window into the soul

2017 This is defiantly not everything...i probably could do PAGES of these cause variations on eyes can be so subtle good luck people deciphering my handwriting hahah XD
forgot to mention this but
** SIZE and SPACING of the eyes has a huge affect
on the overall look of the face as well as the design of the eye**

2001 these are very much sailor moon eyes from the anime :P
2002 I was very proud of this i drew a bunch of different eyes
from different animes and cartoons as a reference for ideas

I think i read this how to draw manga book
and replicated this first image about gender/age eyes...
the second image with the heads
is another eye study me drawing
different eyes that i liked at the time

eye designs for my character isabell, realistic / cartoony
influenced by make up

at the rate i'm going i'm so going to BLAST past the number of posts i did in 2016 and it's only February...

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