Saturday, March 18, 2017


I've read the graphic novel Coraline by Neil Gaiman the art was by P. Craig Russell was so so-- the story always overshadowed the art... I finally sat down and watched the movie...YES THE MOVIE ART WAS WAY BETTER! It really pushed the story over the edge into new depths, the movie it had a very Tim Burton feel but it was so great. I like that it was very creepy and Coraline's design was well done she was much more childish which is good , the other characters are really humorous takes on their outlines and features, and The belladona was wayyyy more creepy in the movie too.

Another movie i saw was TROLLS! surprisingly i like that too hahah! WHAT? trolls now i remember the dolls i had one...I was bummed that they didn't include the GEMS on their belly buttons LIKE? WHYY glitter and not belly gems?  Other than that the designs for the forest and the animals in the forest that the trolls lived in were really fun and fitting, I liked all the variety in the characters design of the Trolls and Bergens especially their noses and facial shapes. The Bergen designs DID remind me of BOX TROLLS which if you haven't seen that movie it;'s really good too..or..another good Goblin movie is The Princess and the Goblin....BACK ON subject TROLLS!

I never watched any of the other Troll kid shows they tried to do with the trolls brand i went and watched one on  youtube to see if they drew anything from them not really, infact the old trolls tv shows seemed really dumb haha troll high school teenager life or superhero trolls? I liked how the trolls turned grey when they were sad and the personality difference between Poppy and Branch....DID CREEK DIE IN THE END? LOl i'm not sure!? ITS A KIDS MOVIE i'm thinking too much

I need to go to bed T_T

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