Friday, April 7, 2017

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ughhh i just spent so much time organizing all my files into folders Like i have too much stuff 338 gbs of stuff i suppose that's not too much for some people >D I FOUND STUFF!!!! I have soo much good stuff  muahahah i should post some photography for all my art festivals/museums/shows/fairs/convention photography...i've been on the edge about posting that photography because some of it i did when i wasn't suppose to...really people I'M SORRY i just can't remember everything without a picture...I like to go back and look at stuff that i didn't have time at that moment to really study absorb.
here are some commissions/gift art i got a cons from some of my favorite artists!! 

Good comics to read

Is it just me or have you been seeing a lot of fanart for Osomatsu-kun LOL it took me forever to figure out what this anime was called but i've seen a lot of fanart for it same with.... Undertale? AND Yuri on ice which that one i kinda want to see...
So many web comics and illustrations of modern and classic renditions of witches that I've stumbled across...yeah i suppose they are cool but to a point then its like ok ok i've had enough.

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