Monday, April 3, 2017

hang up the phone

I just watched all of Rick and Morty at first i didn't really like it...and wasn't watching just listening..its kinda annoying how much rick burps when you are just listening to the audio >__< but the story started to pick up and I like all alternative realities and timelines stuff they do with the story it kinda reminds me of Futurama/back to the future but more crude. By the end i liked it :P

Lately i've been using Deviantart a lot again, i like how they changed the browsing to unlimited scroll and added the favorite icon on the thumbnail allowing you to add/remove/see what you have favorited quickly, all those added functions makes it easier to see even more great art.  It's super easy to find good stuff just surfing other people's favorites. I have too many favorites 

Instagram and tumblr are really nice but i hate how they really only allow you to look at one image in your feed at a time and you have to scroll down. UGH i want thumbnails for my feed multiple images per row fill my screen and allow me to scroll down through that and let me open what i think is cool....
when you are like ME your feed is HUGE...i watch everybody who is remotely interesting or making art just because ANYONE can make great artwork. I want to make distance not pansy around.

The search engine in both instagram and tumblr are auto populated by your likes which sometimes brings up something good but mostly junk...

Dear internet,
Too many selfies even people who are artists post selfies i mean one every once in awhile is cool but I am just so tired of the selfie format face and background JUST SHOW ME YOUR ART
yours truly

ps this is the funniest comic hahah
by Sarah Anderson

which is ironic because i use to love taking selfies from about 2009-2013 now they are on a hard drive now for me to hoard. These days i don't take many anymore ...i feel like a ugly troll any time i see a picture of me taken ugh but i might becoming paranoid of the lack of privacy on the internet these days...I ask, do you really want to be uploading all those photos of yourself? your life? loved ones? on the internet? It's too easy for people to know you without really knowing you? 


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