Sunday, April 9, 2017

Influence time line

my mom draws she is pretty good even tho she complains she is not that good. 

Influences over the years 
1993- 1st grade I use to write stories and illustrate them i wanted to be a artist. My biggest influences were horses and dogs

1998- Jim Davis Garfield and Lisa Frank folders had a big influence on my art style

2000- POKEMON and Sailor Moon were huge influences on what i wanted to draw. This was the start of the anime influence DBZ would follow

2001-Friends at highschool/fellow artists as well as my art teacher Mrs.Jacobs had a inspired my desire and surge of drawing. Music also has a heavy influence on my art that its hard to pin point the start but it continues to have a affect today

2002-still on a anime kick the big influences were CLAMP - Card Captor Sakura, Angel Sanctuary by Kaori Yuki, The movie The Crow, honorable mentions Cowboy bebop, Trigun, and Princess Mononoke

2003- I had been going to anime cons but went to first comic con Wizard World Chicago where it was really only Western comic art that had a influence on my art. Witchblade by Francis Manapul, Danger Girl- Scott Campbell, and Michael Turner had a big inpact on my art it was kinda the point my art start to become a melting pot of anime and western comic art

2006- Started getting into indie comic art--big influences Becky Cloonan, Sophie Campbell, Ryan Kelly, Brandon Grahman

2008- Studying art history in college by this time i had taken quite a few classes each specializing in different art periods and art history general classes which had a big influence on my art as well. Some that have had a impression... Baroque-  Nicolas Poussin & Carvaggio, Expressionism - Paul Gauguin, Impressionism - Claude Monet, Renaissance period, Gothic Art, Ottoman art, Chinese and Japanese art, erotic art, abstract, surrealism Frida Kahlo, pop art before this my painting was pretty literal more like a rendered version of my drawing...this was about the time My painting style began to derail imagery and became very abstract but i continued to keep drawing in a comic style.

2010-My sister Helyena who also draws, Internal emotional conflicts, makeup, collecting my little ponies

2011-Internet sources began surfing the internet a lot looking for more artists and images. All the artists on my "Talented Artists" link on my blog, Tumblr, and deviantart,

2017 my biggest influences right now are my old sketchbooks and Amy Otteson

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