Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Amy was making gifs hahah so i attempted a gift for her...
then i got a bit crazy and thought i could try something harder hahah

animation is cool but so much work for very little
I better stick to comics :P

feeling nostalgic i went dug in my files for some previous animations i did in college haha
i did some in flash but OMG WHo uses .SWF files anymore!? I had them burned on a CD and it got corrupted so i lost some bummer...but i suppose the most important ones i was able to copy to my hard drive..i converted them to AVI pretty low resolution to upload to youtube

Angel Crisis Trailer

Angel Crisis Battle
I think these two were made in 2005 with flash
 it is kinda of painful for me to watch hahah
old characters/story i'm sure one day i'll reboot them
i have a outline for the story somewhere on my computer :D
needs work i'm sure....

unicorn 2006

Hippo Animation
made 2009 on paper and scanned in and put together on computer

naked with wolves

Monday, May 8, 2017

Artwork in my home on display

 granted this is not all of it and i'm always changing it
 got these gargoyles from my mom i like them
 the mermaid painting is by my younger sister
a monster print from Jason Fisher
black and white drawing by amanda lafrena
my dad is obsessed with these figure lamps...by I'm going to have to ask my dad the artist name again..but he gave me one of his pairs as a gift hahah
  Two above painted by younger sister
this painting is made by USING FINGER PRINTS
IT'S intense up close which i could read chinese
to tell you the name of artist cause i forgot it T_T

dream movie theatre

i was at a movie theater but it was huge like a stadium, and there was all these statues in the aisle and seats. They were wax statues of both famous characters, people, and normal people. I was trying to find my way out when the lights went out and they all started moving toward me, one was chucky (haha) It really freaked me out and was running to get to the exit doors. IT WAS CREEPY HAHAH

I had some other dreams...but i can't remember now that i'm sitting in front of my computer...

the other day i was in the thrift store i found a 3 great CDS haha Ministry, Metallica, Type O Negative album for a dollar each.....SCORE hahaha

Thursday, May 4, 2017


I was driving to my family cabin, but when we arrive there was piles of trash everywhere and i saw a possum eating trash...I went to run it over with my car but there was too much trash to get close to it. so i gave up and went inside and there was all these strange people who were staying there that I had never meet before and I was wondering why my parents let all these people come.
then a dark brown retriever almost bit me and i woke up


2007 or 2017

found this drawing in a Photoshop layer from 2007 INKED IT 2017
 AMY colored it!!!!
she makes it look good

this must be from 2007 maybe 08 I'd like to think
i'm the evolved version these days
but who knows

this is a cool comic fun style

When you spend too much time learning about american pop culture
and you speak to someone from a different country
and they have no clue what movie you are talking about....
really makes you question your priorities haha

once upon a dream

most of these dreams i only remember snip-its..lately i have been having a hard time sleeping my mind is so busy buzzing it's hard to settle bah

This dream was bout my child drowning, i just remember the image of me holding the child's head, looking into it's eyes that were blood shot. it woke me up.

The other dream
was someone from my past, who was visiting me or I was visiting them. They looked the same as last i remember them but now i'm not sure anymore about even old memories. I want to hug them but I didn't dare and remember the tension from wanting to show emotion and having to hold back