Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Amy was making gifs hahah so i attempted a gift for her...
then i got a bit crazy and thought i could try something harder hahah

animation is cool but so much work for very little
I better stick to comics :P

feeling nostalgic i went dug in my files for some previous animations i did in college haha
i did some in flash but OMG WHo uses .SWF files anymore!? I had them burned on a CD and it got corrupted so i lost some bummer...but i suppose the most important ones i was able to copy to my hard drive..i converted them to AVI pretty low resolution to upload to youtube

Angel Crisis Trailer

Angel Crisis Battle
I think these two were made in 2005 with flash
 it is kinda of painful for me to watch hahah
old characters/story i'm sure one day i'll reboot them
i have a outline for the story somewhere on my computer :D
needs work i'm sure....

unicorn 2006

Hippo Animation
made 2009 on paper and scanned in and put together on computer

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