Thursday, September 28, 2017

revised Legend part 1 and 2

MUHAHAH i've revised Legend part I to fit into a 7X4" format which is the same size as part II....
This new cover features art that didn't make the comic, so i drew this stuff in 2008

 I revised the text in part II and added a couple more pages to make it more clear I know in the past i was going for the abstract artistic comic feel but I FELT it was missing something! to really seal the story I did try to keep the 2008 michelle's vision pure...i feel like i was successful i post it later for now extra art.....

These two were drawn in 2011 or early 2012

this was drawn in 2008 while i was drawing part 1 and was unused...but was the first piece that lead me think of ideas for part II I use to draw a whole bunch of illustrations for legend and kinda try to make a narrative with them afterward...putting the illustrations into a comic format...i did this with legend and XXX O-o

After all the editing i should redraw these characters XD 2017 STYLE omg..i was thinking i would make sezeri humanified just for fun hahah or idmu and sezeri both as wolves ....IT COULD BE COOL XD *schemes*

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


1. Took place at my cabin, it was night, i was looking out the patio door window over at the neighbors yard. When I noticed a toilet sitting in their yard, but it was strange because there was a light coming from between the lid and seat. I stared at it when something started coming out it started out small then grew bigger, until it was a hand then the hand became a arm. I shut the curtains and turned off all the lights. Peeking out I noticed it was gone, then I heard a knock on the door it sounded like my younger sister saying "LET ME IN!" I yelled back, "You're not my sister!"

2. I was in the car with my father, the rest of my family had left in another car ahead of us and were suppose to follow them. As we drove down the road we saw them get into a car accident in front of us. We were shocked and sped to the site of the accident almost hitting the massacre ourselves! I wasn't sure if I had died myself cause I was unable to get to them. I was fighting, I felt like I was drowning going to the other side everything was so pink like a ooze surrounding me but I kept forcing myself to move until something inside me snapped, that is when I opened my eyes. 
 I jumped out and tried to go through the bodies to help them out of the car. My sisters and mother were ok but injured. I tired to called 911 but kept calling 91L and I couldn't connect I ran to the other bodies it was my sister's boyfriend who was badly injured missing his legs and part of one arm. I panicked, screaming trying to find something to wrap tightly around his wounds to stop the bleeding mean while my father picked him up by his hair and shook him like doll to rattle out the blood I nearly died in anxiety. I tried to bandage him again but this time he was a horse with the same injury there was bones exposed and so much blood. I woke up

3. I woke up cause i thought i heard someone banging my front door in the middle of the night...I got out of bed and looked out the window near the door to see no one was make sure I checked on ginger my dog who was dead asleep/ Ginger sleeps near the door and would always bark if someone banged on the door like that. I stood there thinking totally confused I could've sworn I heard someone at my door but came to the conclusion that I dreamed it.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

SKETCHBOOK March to August 2017

i was really trying to fill this one

fanart of Moxie Saturday

fanart for Amy Otteson

left fanart of Amy and right Fanart for Amy and Erin

more amy fanart XD

this one is done by my middle sister !
fanart of Kaylie Mcdougal artist/fashion blogger
fanart of Laci.m on instagram her characters

these 4 above have some fanart of amy's characters :3

these two have my younger sister drawings of girls and mermaids

hahah these have amy fanart!! OMG I DRAW AMY characters alot
 fanart of Vasilis Lolos
hahaha XD coloring books with crayons while trying to get my son to color? WRITE ANYTHING?!
my experience PLEASE DONT BUY OFF BRAND CRAYONS omg so horrible
CRAYOLA for the win
i think the worse is roseart or....1$ store generic brand super crap