Thursday, October 19, 2017


top 2017 bottom 2001

its a thing people

the tiger is so much better but the girl? MEH i'm not sure i like the big eyes O_O and super skinny waist very stylized kinda sailor moonish haha my baby signature XD 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017



ahhh I am slowly remaking this...comic to match the other chapters...the first twenty pages is one of the first comics I attempted in seriousness it was meant to be a 20 page short in a "manga" style... the page on the bottom was part of the original...done in 2006? MAYBE 2005 who knows old as shit tho.

Later Stakeout got more chapters later in 2007? where I started this horizontal 10X8 format.  The later chapters were made without a script just draw as I go, sketch comic drama...Strangely I DID NOT....number any pages I gave everything gibberish file names WHAT WAS I THINKING? the time I would post them as i made them on drunkduck? then I deleted it all off the internet...a while back I was looking at Stakeout on my computer...There is like 126 pages!  Anyway I revised the whole book  redrew some panels, 20 new pages, edited the text to re-release it as a PDF book yay

or wait to read Stakeout on Tapas for free! updates every thursday
granted...the PDF will contain the R rated pages which i will omit for Tapas

my theme song atm 
10 million times OVER 

Sunday, October 15, 2017


i just realized this is similar colors to the blog right now hahah
(this sentence will be obsolete soon since i change the colors all the time) 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Stinky and Inky

These were penciled in 2010 i just got around to inking them...:P 


I wrote and PENCILED this comic Danno inked and lettered he has a distinct style
but lol stinky and inky are pretty funny in this. drawn in 2013

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Amy's Art

OH AMY!!!!! Isn't she great?!? 
I actually don't know how she has time for all the art she makes!
she is working on a novel too on top of making me all this great fanart O_O
XD i love will's myspace page lol it's all so wonderful 
*goes back to work*


Sezeri transformed to human...he is not amused.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I had a dream it was like a movie The first images were of a purple bird and tan bird they had crashed on earth, they were injured. The humans wanted to study them cause they were a new species. From their wings came braided flowers off the feathers and transformed into humans themselves. Soon they were worshiped like gods. They were ancient shapeshifters who had returned to earth. People began worshiping them the shape shifters seemed peaceful and spoke of some special shrine they knew of. There was man that was hesitant of them he looked like russel crowe in gladiator. This group followed the shape shifters up the mountain. The Shape shifters used a key to unlock a secret shrine,  everyone had to crawl this small entrance through multiple doors to get inside. Once inside they shut the doors behind them. Food was being served and everything was good then things took a turn to the dark. The first two followers were sacrificed instantly turned to blood, A infant and mother were there and could not escape a older couple accepted their fate and continued to serve food. the girlfriend of the gladiator ran to escape which she did before the shape shifters noticed. The gladiator stayed to fight but was killed by the aliens. The woman who escaped ran frightened she was being haunted by all the people who did not survive she began seeing their ghosts and was being called to return and sacrifice herself. As she ran she fell a ditch, in the ditch was these ghostly white figures with their eyes covered by lace with long white nails which grabbed on her her legs and dug into her skin. She pulled free and escaped to the gladiators home, to search his home for something important. She was afraid, while looking someone knocked on the door it was his friend but she hid. He wore a gem studded hoodie the gems were on the inside of his hood red, white, and blue, his black hair slicked against his head he looked suspicious. While hiding from him the girl bumped into a black statue with yellow eyes it unlocked some secret room in the gladiators home..
then i woke up