Thursday, November 30, 2017

Lucky Neko Girl from oekaki

these are from highschool i would say 2003
I remember coloring these being like wow THIS IS GOOD
Smudge tool...was my friend in those days Now I've broken up
with the smudge tool and never call HAHA 
This character is an excuse to draw fashion and cat ears
but looking back my fashion is now super dated XD
anyway i'm sorry i'm working on a project atm and
I can't post any new stuff only old art and sketches >_<

Friday, November 24, 2017

Other Michelle Silva Artists Michelle De Silva, I like this girls stuff funky embroidery / textiles COOL :p Tidbit Actually on my father's side when my Grandfather came to America his name was "De Silva"..but my grandfather said they removed the "De" during the immigration process Michele Silva is super good at painting..I like her landscapes I find this somewhat funny cause she is from Portugal and I'm half Portuguese grandparents on my father side are both from Portugal and immigrated as children Michelle Silva is from CA i like this her art, her figures are super interesting kinda psychedelic A recent grad multi talented, Good luck!

Manny De <- My grandfather the singer (he put the de back in for his stage name)

Michelle Silva on ComicbookDB I recently just found this someone added me :D YAYA i hope my new project is big enough to add to this list

Michelle Silva is actually a common name...Often i think i could take on my husbands last name...cause it's very unique but I don't like the idea of changing everything!!! 

Love Buzz

a inked sketch for Len who recently commissioned me XD to make a 
painting of the clown in the iron lung from rockos modern life...
it was a strange request but sometimes i love doing
the weird things people ask haha but this i made as a extra special
gift for him XD

I feel kinda stupid that i found this song after i drew the book ...hahaha 
it all makes sense now...

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

mens room

 LOL XD omg there is so much more to this than i can show haha 
actually this is drawn 08' or 09' colored by Amy O.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

explore more

if i can scroll to the end of your favorites or likes in less than a half an hour i worry about you...XD you dont get around much haha

Saturday, November 11, 2017


fake woman just digital pixels
stay awake a little longer
be alone revive a charge
hands around neck
cut short just be happy
lured in with ads and promises
you are a winner
1000 dollars
drop in the bucket
clack click clack

can't understand
always undone
chasing touches
forceful fondling
in a deep sleep
quit mind
trying to hold back
can't live life
angry words
furious eyes
controlled by emotions

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

make up artist crushes SUPER COOL STUFF very trans formative, creepy, other worldly I REALLY like fabijjan so much she has such cool concepts on  reshaping the face and use of geometric shapes.... I like this girl's use of images and lines color theory dark beauty looks :P she as so much diversity and interesting concepts  SUPER COOL IDEAs She is really beautiful and does some super colorful stuff Very cool somewhat clown inspired vogue great ideas wonderful shading

Ganguro/ Yamanba/ Manba 
Trixie Mattel 
Mrs. Piggy

Thursday, November 2, 2017

mad world

2005 piece i edited/fixed.... inspired by this song

.....I love werewolves...
defiantly my favorite horror creature

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Good luck going through my archive....

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really and that's not including comments, instagram likes, livejournal posts ,facebook shares,twitter tweets, or any other online gallery posts XD


you know what?
just think about what everyone else is doing....thats a lot of data and servers buzzing

step back in time 2003

I would say..i was very bad at drawing men in those days almost all my art at the time was female and backgrounds were barely attempted lol but i did love to paint chat and make line art