Saturday, December 30, 2017


Today half off at goodwill i just went to so many stores and bought so many books...mostly for my kid....I have to read them!  SERIOUSLY THEY WERE 35 to 50 cents!!! I like having my own library at my disposal since he is kinda rough on them...I do go to the library too! In the past I read children's books as research. I like the diversity of books designed for children, so many have great art, fun short stories, some teach the children things by showing them pictures, or by  relating to the children,  or putting them in amazement with pop ups, fold outs, book design/ shape, cutouts, paper textures, inserts, soundboards, the possibilities are endless.

Seriously I had this book as a child and I loved it...
I read it again and I almost cried it's so sad
as a kid it wasn't sad just how time dawns on you as adult makes it sad.
I love this book as child and I still do.
AHHH Richard Scarry! I have a lot more books by him 
I've always loved his illustrations as a kid and owned this book as child...
 Beatrix Potter! i love all her stories and illustrations I always try to pick them up
I've read a lot of her stuff at the library because even at second hand shops her books still fetch a 
good price.
Dr. SEUSS!!! HE IS THE KING! I had hop on pop, green eggs and ham, cat in the hat, foot book, as a child...Honestly every time I see a Dr. Seuss book I buy it even if its a bit more cause i'm collecting them! Dr. Seuss is great at rhyming, using word families, making great stories with simple words, and uses funny brightly colored illustrations.
I like PD Eastman too  hes got another one about a dog that great too...
Great couple of old classics
ERIC CARLE!! I also have the hungry Caterpillar too..just not pictured 
I love his style I've seen a lot of people imitate his technique the painted texture, cut and collage. Altho I highly doubt he the originator of this technique but he has defiantly made himself popular with it.
Priddy Books and Tiger Tales are two publishers that make books that are very educational and fun stories. My only own draw back with these is they are very publisher forward the credits for the artist and writer are always at the back or not at all...?

My baby's books shelves and he really does go and pick from the books and page through them on his own :)

I got 1-4 of alien FRESH from the comic shop...>3 the art was so good I love James Stokoe, I really like Orc stain, Godzilla, Aliens was no exception he really just crams all this detail my hand hurts looking at all the detail he goes for. As far as story I thought it was pretty run of the mill alien step up but I was happy to own this series just so i can go back and enjoy the art :P

thrift store finds Bone was 1$
 everyone has told me to read Bone this is book 1! i'll let you know...
  Cartooning Philosphy and Practice was 35cents

so far i started reading this "how to book" he just starts out sounding like a old man for me to paraphrase "all these new kids...they don't know anything about comics, those new wave hoodlums attempting comics without out knowing anything about story telling or story that comics are popular "..blah...? I get it but i'm not sure I would start a how to book smashing newbies street credit..because there is a beauty in the uneducated mind...and there are some fundamentals in reading that carry over into if you are a western reader you read right to left top to bottom.. anyway this authors style  kinda reminds me of all this new age indie comic artists that are into minimalism, grids, and child art. I'll let you know if i learn something new from this guy XD with a update to this post later.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

couch snuggle

2008 drawing...that AMY COLORED ;P isn't it great 


so still sick...LIKE day 10 or 11? i feel like i've been dreaming more... because of it since my sleep is not all that restful Children carry the worst sickness every..seriously.....

Dream one.
My dad bought the titanic and he was working on restoring it...he had it in a bay behind the was floating, we were on the ship walking around it and he was talking about all the work he had to do and what he had done so far. It was defiantly in better shape then what it really looks like, anyway I was walking around it exploring when my dad just kinda disappeared the mood changed and it became very spooky. Lost I felt like something was watching me around the corner. When a dark body grabbed me simultaneously in real life my son had grabbed my arm so i woke up frightened until i realized it wasn't a dream it was just him.

Dream two
I was picking  up poop like all this poop and i ran out of room with my hands so i started putting it in my mouth to carry to the toilet, while i was tying to take to the toilet i started gagging, and the taste of the poop was starting to dawn on me...I tried pulling the poop out of my mouth but it had turned into this mush and i couldn't get it out!! Then I woke up! HAHAH it was a really gross dream....i was laughing while i wrote that XD

Saturday, December 9, 2017


inking tools reviews

This is my favorite ...PEN...I bought a little syringe and when it runs out of ink I just fill it up with India ink! XDD its so baller...which is nice cause I don't have to worry about the wasted plastic and no spills compared to the india ink/ brush ...altho I would recommend being nice to the brush tip..I'VE never broken one but known people who have and complained about that...but I am kind of anal about making sure the brush tip stays in tack by rolling it on a piece of paper

I will say....

  • I HATE MICRONS super expensive shitty tips, dry out quickly, I don't understand the cult following for this one..i'd rather use any .05 roller pen and be on my way
  • I HATE STRAEDTLER Ugh just as bad as microns
  • I BARELY like Sharpie its nice cause its not expensive
  • Faber-Castell....bah their fine point pens are just as bad as the rest..i like the brush ben they have but it looses it tip too quickly and becomes crappy quickly not really worth my money

My big problem with pens these days is how wasteful they are...especially the disposable kind..generally I prefer brush and ink...I use Speedball India Ink good price good coverage :D...I have tried Higgins its horrible if you want BLACK...I've used Sumi Ink before but it so expensive same with Dr.Martin ? EH not that much better to warrant the price hike

Best ballpoint pen is always...PAPERMATE this is a doodle pen not a ink pen but if i was going for the..ballpoint look yes all the way

I don't use gel pens for inking but I love gel pens...because when you go to erase it just makes a mess of everything even if you let it dry!!! just no... more of a sketch pen or doodle pen my favorite brand is Sakura

Digital inking yes..please it is the option for saving paper, doing away with disposable pens..but still probably using...carbon fuels to for electricity...or a portion of it... I WANT TO BE ABLE TO BUY ELECTRICITY FROM THE UTILITY COMPANY I WANT TO BUY RENEWABLE ENERGY it drives me crazy I feel like i spend so much on that i should be able to choose what i am buying this is not that crazy.. anyway rant! My hand kind hurts from digital inking??? I dunno i grip the tablet with...the power of hulk or something....XD

Wacom Intuos 4
Lol i'm so lazy to update...I got this one as a gift and it really has lasted I know everyone these days are like OMG CINTIQ or drawing on my ipad or what not i' I figure i'm staring at screen either way oh well..i'm too broke to get something new :P

My dad used to brag he could paint a room with a i'm going with that philosophy its not the tool its how you use O.O 

Sunday, December 3, 2017


I've been sick....
My dream was like a tales from the crypt revolved around three stories with three different was a white chalk drawing of a voodoo doll there was a story with it but i can't remember only the image of the chalk drawing of the doll, the last was some sort of ghost...i can't remember.....i can only remember one of the stories clearly about the eye of alabaster which was about this couple of lovers..and they went somewhere..dark...a old house, the woman opened up this cabinet..inside was this..statue like a gargoyle and it had glowing red eyes at first she dismissed it...but then everywhere she went she kept seeing this statue no matter where she tried to escape, and her boyfriend never saw it only her. She thought she was going crazy...and tried to explain it to him but he never saw it...he tried to consul her but nothing helped soon the statue transformed into a white floating mask with this really creepy face it also had a red eyes. She couldn't take it anymore she started screaming when she saw it and couldn't stop screaming, and trying to destroy it but ended up hurting herself and going crazy forever haunted by the eye of alabaster...I WOKE UP

This dream is from a previous night...
It was pretty long and was about a woman who lived in these really nice apartments she had one child, unmarried, she lived in a building with four other apartments in it. Below her was another woman and her sister who both had children. So one day she went down stairs to get her mail she left her child in her apartment thinking she would only be gone for a second. When she got the mail her neighbor lady asked her if she would help her move a piece of furniture. She agreed since she had been wanting to make friends with her neighbor cause they both had children the same age. Inside her neighbor's home it was elegant, wood floors, antique furniture, red and tan walls. she kept complimenting her neighbor on her nice furniture and decor but she never said anything in return. They moved the furniture and she left without her neighbor saying thank you, she thought her neighbor was rude. When she got upstairs to her door she noticed the door opened without the lock...that is when she saw a strange man walking away from her door she went with her intuition and followed the man down the stairs he started to run and so did she. They ran for what seemed like 14 flights of stairs down and down...that lead into some underground tunnel system. Finally at the last flight a stairs was gate before the tunnel he had to hop over he got caught up and she caught him..bashing his head into the wall like 4 times as hard as she could, she got her keys back from the man when she heard her child scream bloody murder. She was so worried about her child and she had to run as fast as she could up the stairs to get her kid and the suspense was so intense i woke up...

I have a lot of "scary" dreams...but..honestly it doesn't bother me? I LIKE IT its so cool...sometimes I try to go back into dreams or....mediate inside the dream to take control...mostly I think I have these type of dreams cause I need to wake up and go pee...hahahah..